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Top Secrets of Sports Betting Success
In any betting game, only one of these three things can happen: you win, you lose, or you push.

Just like every other vocation, there are certain secrets you should acquaint yourself in your quest to become a successful sports bettor. This article further explains these secrets; you can also visit sites like for more information.
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1. Value Is All That Matters: The difference between successful bettors and unsuccessful ones is value. If you want to improve your sports betting results, you need to focus on the value above everything else; most players prefer to bet on winning teams or rely on sheer luck.

Sports bettors who prefer to bet on winning teams believe that mastering the art of picking winners makes you a successful bettor. While you may win every other game, you’ll lose many others because you won’t always get the odds right; hence, the most important thing in sports betting is value.

Value is simply any bet you place that will yield a long-term profit for you. But identifying values is not so simple. The only way to know if you can identify a good value is to track your results over a long time; a few bets won’t do; you will need to track over a thousand bets.

2. Forget about buying a system: there is no short cut to success; nobody becomes successful without working hard. At some point, most sports bettors consider buying a system, hoping to win a certain percentage at least.

But, you shouldn’t, not because there aren’t winning systems but because the moment thousands of bettors start using a winning system, it affects the sportsbook’s bottom line. They decide to adjust their lines, people start losing and opt for a different system, and the cycle goes on; This is why you should create your winning system and keep it a secret.

3. Buying picks is a waste of time: Buying picks doesn’t work for the same reason that buying a system doesn’t work. If picks are available for sale that beat the sportsbooks in the long run, thousands of people have access to the same picks.

Avoid buying betting systems and buying picks and focus on finding value on your own. It’s the only way to have a real chance to win in the long run.

4. The True Enemy Is the Cost of Making Bets: the cost involved in placing bets is why many bettors lose in the long run. Try to place bets with little or no cost; this lowers the required winning percentage you need to make a profit.

5. To win more you must know more: The best way to find value is to learn how to handicap games better than the people who set the lines; this sounds impossible, but it is not. It will require a whole lot of work, trials, and errors, but it is possible.

6. Do you want to win: if you want to be a successful bettor, then you must be ready to work for it. Most players want to win, but they are not ready to dedicate hundreds of hours weekly to learn more; they are not patient enough to track thousands of games. If you want to win, then you must be willing to put in the work.

7. Winning sports bettors are rare: you can tell just by looking around you. There are sportsbooks and bookies everywhere. If there are so many winning bettors, bookies and bookmakers won’t make so much money. Winning sports bettors exist, but they are not so many, so you must be ready to do what the winners do if you decide to be one.


Achieving sports betting success is not easy; you have put in the work required to reach success. Never take your eyes off value and don’t make the costly mistake of buying a shortcut.

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