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The different factors to consider when betting in-play
When it comes to betting on sports, we will all have our own preferences.

Some will fancy picking the first goalscorer from a weekend Premier League game, others will like a long shot to win a golf major, whereas many will try to secure a win with an accumulator that’s formed of various teams.

No matter your choice, the depth that bookmakers provide, both online and in the shop, means that there are options for punters, which is part of the reasons why gambling is a multi-billion pound industry.

Another popular form of betting comes during games, with all major online sportsbooks offering an in-play service. The technology we have at our disposal today means that bets can be placed on the move on your phone, so there are always opportunities to make predictions during a game.

With that in mind, we will outline the different factors to consider when you are betting in-play.

Don’t just look at the odds

Of course, nothing is guaranteed in sport or betting, which is why so many people enjoy the excitement and thrill that both provide.

Yet, there are some that will see a short-priced favourite on their device in-play and just presume that they will go on to win. It should go without saying, but that is risky business. On your app or laptop, you may see in-play odds on sports or leagues that you don’t know enough about, so steer clear of them and don’t just bet because a team or an individual ‘should’ win.

Search for value

The odds will constantly change during an event and that can present the player with a chance to find a good value bet.

For example, if you feel Liverpool will win a certain game you can check the latest football betting odds and bet. But, the initial price might not be to your liking and, if they were drawing the game after 30 minutes, or at half-time, the odds may tumble to the price you wanted in the first place.

Obviously, the odds would be even better after 80 minutes, or if they went a goal down. The unpredictability of sport throws up certain situations that you can use to your advantage – if you’re quick.

Find an angle

Another way you can potentially benefit is by finding a different angle when it comes to placing your bet.

Sticking with football, which accounts for around 70% of the bets placed on sports, there will be a whole host of markets available for you to choose from, including corners, cards, and goals.

If you are watching a particular game and feel there will be a lot of incidents as it progresses, then you could do an in-play bet on a certain amount of yellow cards or goals if you see a team creating plenty of chances. The same applies to all sports as a range of markets are available, so searching for something away from the usual bets could end up being profitable for you.

Overall, in-play betting offers something different to any player and it can certainly be beneficial to you if you use it in the right way. Though, whilst nothing is guaranteed, following these tips could help.

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