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The Best Strategies You Must Use in Your Boxing Betting
It is the sweet science and a sport as old as time itself. People love betting on boxing because they are guaranteed an entertaining, edge-of-the-seat ride in cheering on their bets, and – aside from the rarest of cases – this is a win or lose sport, there is scarcely any middle ground.

Boxing betting is interesting because punters can keep it simple and just bet on who they think will win the fight, or alternatively they can use their knowledge to drill down into the various markets that are available with each contest.

All of the bookmakers have their own collection of the latest boxing betting odds and predictions, and these do tend to vary in scale from firm to firm. But the vast majority enable you to wager on exactly the outcome you expect, be it a KO victory, a points win or – and for masochists only – the draw.

You can also bet on the round or group of rounds in which you expect the winning blow to be delivered, or whether you expect the bout to go the distance.

So those are the options, but what is the smart way to play them? Here are some boxing betting strategies that you can use in fights at all levels of the sport.

#1 – Do Your Homework

Like any bets you place, you should always do comprehensive research before taking the plunge and submitting your betslip. It’s not enough to have a gut feeling – you really need to know both of the fighters inside and out.

How will their styles mesh on fight night? A previously unbeaten fighter might come unstuck against a heavy-hitting KO merchant, while power punchers can often struggle to land their clubbing blows on fighters with excellent feet and head movement.

There are many different sites that publish in-depth boxing statistics and research too, such as punches landed, power punches, style of punches thrown, which can also help to profile how a contest might play out.

Once you have analysed how you think the action will unfold, you will have a better understanding of where the smart betting money lies.

#2 – Shop Around

Every bookmaker under the sun will offer odds for the big fights, and many will price up the lower-key cards as well. As you will probably already know, not all traders see about going the same way, and that is why there can be such a discrepancy in the odds-making across the industry.

And that explains why it makes sense to use the various price comparison websites available, because if you plan to bet on a number of boxing events throughout the year then the difference between taking 4/5 and 11/10 about a selection will, in the long run, make a huge difference to your profitability.

#3 – Consider the Value

Once you have completed step one (determining who you think will win and how) and step two (confirming which bookmaker is offering the best odds), now you have to analyse whether the prices available represent good value or not. This is based upon your own perception, of course, but remember one of the worst mistakes that a punter can make: betting on an event because of FOMO – the fear of missing out.

Sometimes, the best course of action is to do nothing at all.

#4 – Make the Most of Social Media

Getting little titbits of information that you might not otherwise hear in mainstream media will improve your betting no end – on boxing or any other sport for that matter.

For example, who knew that David Haye went into his fight with Wladimir Klitschko with a broken toe?

Who knew that Tyson Fury was training specifically to knock out Deontay Wilder, going against his normal technical, scorecard-pleasing style?
Social media, for all its faults, offers excellent insight pre-fight, and following key figures from within the boxing fraternity could make all the difference between a winning and a losing bet.

#5 – Be Wary of the Dangerous Underdog

Boxing history is littered with underdogs winning at monumental odds.

Buster Douglas, Andy Ruiz, Hasim Rahman….these were victories that shook world boxing to its core, and you would be hard-pressed to suggest they were predictable in any way.
But boxing is a unique sport in that it pits two fighters against one another in close quarters, and it only takes the betting favourite to have an off-day – and one punch – to change the fortunes of whole careers.

Rahman, priced at 12/1 against Lennox Lewis, did not have a stellar career but did beat Corrie Sanders, who would sensationally go on to defeat Wladimir Klitschko. Rahman, known for his punch power, was always going to give Lewis a tough night if he didn’t settle, and so it proved in one of the greatest underdog wins in boxing history.

If you can follow these five boxing betting strategies with discipline, you could improve your own win rate exponentially.

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