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The 4 Most Popular Betting Sports On Earth
Online and mobile betting sites allow enthusiasts to lay wagers on a bewildering variety of sports. These four, however, attract the most action by far.

The 4 Sports That Attract Most Bets Worldwide

Most people automatically pick horse racing as the sport people bet on the most. It is certainly one of the oldest sports in which wagering is popular; perhaps only track and field events or wrestling can claim a longer sports-betting pedigree.

However, horse racing turns out to be lower down the list than expected. It is certainly a more popular sport among punters worldwide than boxing, golf, basketball or motor racing, although those sports all make it into the betting Top 10, too.

Here’s how racing measures up to the top money-spinners in modern sports betting activities that take place at sportsbooks, online casinos NZ sites and other establishments across the globe.
Popular Sports for Betting
Racing And Tennis

It turns out, horse racing is in fact the fourth-most popular sports wager in the world, ranked by the amount of money bet annually. Most people think horse racing plays a larger role than it does in reality, because the sport of kings is so widespread: found on every inhabited continent and enjoyed in most cultures, horse racing could well be the universal betting sport.

Another sport enjoyed in almost every culture scattered across six continents is tennis. It’s more attractive to gamblers than racing, perhaps because more people can play tennis at a social level. Those with court experience might fancy themselves more astute at picking winners from among the professionals.

Unless they are among the rarefied minority of owners, trainers or jockeys, punters cannot participate in horse racing beyond placing a bet or cheering at the racetrack. This may explain why more money is bet on tennis than horse racing: tennis is the third-most popular sport in the betting universe.

Soccer Is Huge

Outside the US, it is thought that 70% of the world’s sports bets are placed on soccer, or association football, as it is known officially. Soccer is certainly the most popular sport worldwide, played in almost every country by enthusiastic amateurs, even if only informally.

The professional game is massive, with billions of fans scattered all over the globe. Most of them are ready to put their money where their mouths are, too, so enormous amounts are bet on soccer annually. The UK and Europe are major betting markets, but wagering patterns are also beginning to match the fanatical levels of supporter enthusiasm in South and Central America, Africa and other markets.

Gridiron Football Tops List

American or Canadian football, or “gridiron” for clarity, is the sport that attracts the most betting action worldwide, year after year. That is despite it being a niche sport that only has significant following in the US and Canada, although determined efforts are being made to transplant it to China.

Gridiron also achieve its preeminent position in global sports betting despite sports betting being completely illegal, officially, in 49 of the USA’s 50 states until a Supreme Court decision in 2018.

Yes, that’s right: Americans managed to make their favourite sport the most lucrative sports betting action on the face of the earth, while supposedly not wagering on it at all! Unless you swallow the story that everybody was doing their betting from Nevada…

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