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Sports Betting Industry Survives and Thrives
The global health threat of Covid-19 has affected people and industries worldwide, and one of those affected significantly has been the sports betting industry. With the majority of world sports worldwide forced into a hiatus, quite simply there have hardly been any sports to bet on!

So what did sports betting sites and punters do to make it through this period of uncertainty?

There were a few sports around the world that either persisted through the pandemic or have recently restarted to allow punters to get their gamble on. International table tennis, Korean baseball, Esports and German soccer are a few of the sports that found a new audience with some clear air from other sports. Horse racing continued in some jurisdictions around the world. WWE wrestling may be loosely considered a sport, but they have continued through this period, despite at times having to pre-record matches. We’ve also seen the UFC resume their events very quickly with several recent pay-per-views held in a controlled environment.

While these sports are doing their best to move forwards, there is one country that’s leading the way with suppressing the Covid-19 virus and restart professional sport to help stimulate the economy.

Australia look set to potentially squash the disease thanks to strict social distancing measures, border lockdowns and their advantage of geographical isolation from the world. With daily cases now minimized, we’ve recently seen professional sporting organisations such as the AFL (Aussie Rules Football) and NRL (Rugby) officially restart their seasons in recently weeks.

The NRL were widely slammed for announcing an aggressive resumption but they met their May 28 deadline and were one of the first major professional sporting codes to restart around the world. Just two weeks later, the AFL also restarted their season with great success. Television ratings are through the roof, sponsors and players are happy, and fans are entertained once again. Sports betting and daily fantasy sports players are also enjoying being back in action and betting on their best sports betting picks.

Of course, there are some limitations still in place. Some teams have been forced to relocate to isolate in a hub to minimise travel and exposure to any possible health outbreaks. For the most part, crowds are still unable to attend matches. There have been some cases of a few corporates and members being allowed to access games, but is expected this will open up in the coming weeks with up to 10,000 people expected to be allowed to attend matches. To compensate for the lack of atmosphere, TV networks have been inserting artificial noise into broadcasts which seems to have worked quite well. There’s muffled crowd background noise for the most part, with louder cheers or boos when key events occur such as scoring a goal or try.

The sports betting industry is a resilient one, and with more sports expected to resume in the coming weeks and months, it could be a fruitful period for all involved.

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