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No Better Time To Get The Advantage Over Bookmakers
There has never been a better time than this to take on the bookies at their own game, not least because the environment will toughen up over the coming months and years, and because you can do it with little knowledge of sports betting. All you need is a bit of spare cash, a debit card and as much common sense as you can get hold of. That's the difficult part.

Right now is the time of maximum saturation of the bookmaker market, a situation that stems from the United Kingdom's unique position of having the most respected gambling licensing authority, a wealthy society that has a high affinity with placing bets and the largest network of gambling sponsored sports that are broadcast to the world. Its not going to get better than this. And all this has pushed bookmakers to offer all manor of incentives to gain new customers and keep existing ones, known as customer retention.

Furthermore the first big race meeting of the year is just around the corner, to be followed by many others through the year, where even more bonuses are on offer for the savvy punter. The are plenty of great Cheltenham betting odds and tips for you the smart advantage player to take advantage of, and this will occur over and over again through the spring and long summer of festivals.

Matched Betting

Much has been talked about this subject that makes it sound more complicated than it is. Simply put it is about having two or more bets on the same event such that the final result does not change the financial outcome for you. For example betting both teams in a football match to win as well as the draw, only with different bookmakers. The point of the process is to qualify for the free bonuses offered that depend on you simply having bets of a certain value. So match result will be level and your bonus gain is 100%.

Advanced Matched Betting

With the advent of new ventures like Betconnect anybody can join up and take advantage of betting with somebody else's money in multiple ways. This works with sports bettors requesting bets on an event at a particular price. You can chose to accept or decline. So if you find the same bet at a bookmaker or exchange at a higher price then you can have a risk free bet, because you are betting with the originator's money, by taking the difference between the two prices as a free bet for yourself. Even more than this you can place the bet at the same odds and just take advantage of the bonuses offered by the bookmaker. These include the matched betting bonuses from before but also in horse racing you often get both Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) and First Past The Post (or DR for Double Result).

Best Odds Guaranteed is where the bookmaker promises to pay the SP odds if they are greater than the odds you took on the bet. This occurs more commonly with short priced horses than you think and its a no risk proposition because its not your money.


There are plenty of bonus abuse forums out there to gleam extra information from and they focus a lot of attention on automated matched betting, or using software bots to place bets for you around the clock if you want. More interesting is the ability to arbitrage, that is take advantage of two prices for opposite outcomes that give you a guaranteed win whatever the result. This mostly involves using betting exchanges as well as bookmakers so that you can bet fixed odds on a win (or place) result and the lay (take a bet from someone) the same bet at lower odds. Each win is likely to be a small percentage of the overall bet but the risks are very low.

Arbing on win bets is a simple task to comput in your head but when it comes to each-way bets things get markedly more complicated. However there are again software products available that highlight market inconsistencies and calculate the bet sizes you must place in order to cover yourself in the event of every possible outcome. Its hard work with many hours to be put in but its all tax free money and you can set the bots to work for you in your absence, if you have that level of trust.

Selling Your Identity

If you are keen to make money from bonus offer manipulation but you do not have the time to do the ground work, which can be extensive, a little google search will show you opportunities presented by seemingly genuine businesses that offer to pay you for your identity details so that they can actively go after bonuses in your name. Whilst this is a much easier path to collecting money from bookmakers and casinos, the act of exchanging your personal details for a few hundred pounds is obviously risky. Even though some of these companies have websites and are trading as registered companies this in no way protects you from identity fraud. We can not recommend this as a way forward.

Be aware of the risks

As with everything there are no 100% guarantees. Matched betting can go wrong when you have one half of a bet on but the price moves and you can't get the other side on. Its rare and you can go ahead and the place the bet at a lower price to minimise the loss, but it still happens.

When betting on exchanges there will be different adjustments to prices if there is a horse withdrawn from the race in comparison to bookmakers who may or may not deploy a Rule 4 ruling. In the case where you are placing bets for others then you may not win as much on the exchange bet as you need to pay out on the fixed odds bet. Again this is rare and differences are small.

Security is King

At all times be sure that you are dealing with licensed operators, those that show a link to their United Kingdom Gambling Commission license on their homepage. If you can't see it and click on it, don't bother.

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