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'Monkeying around' with the cost
of matched betting subscriptions
Odds Monkey, one of the leading matched betting sites, has increased monthly subscriptions in line with one of its major competitors. From 19th February, the monthly membership fee increased from £15 to £17.99 while the annual fee remains unchanged at £150.

Existing members won’t feel the 5% increase as their subscription charges will remain the same unless their membership lapses when the cost of re-joining will be at the new rate.

It’s a nice touch, as it rewards loyalty of the existing customer base, but with a talkative forum it remains to be seen how readily people will accept having to pay more than others for the same service.

While the profits made from matched betting will far exceed the subscription costs it’s interesting to note the diverse charges for membership of matched betting sites, despite the similarities in the basic product.

All the premium sites offer a list of betting offers with guides explaining how to do each one. Odds matching software and calculators find suitable bets and work out the ideal stakes to lay on betting exchanges. This is sufficient to work through all the sportsbook sign up offers which can net over £1000 profit and to allow members to do most of the popular reload offers.

The decision by Odds Monkey to increase prices brings them in line with Profit Accumulator at £17.99 per month and £150 annual, taking them out of the ‘value’ range occupied by Matched Bets (£14 per month and £99 annual) and Profit Squad (£15 per month and £99 annual).

Profit Squirrel has the most expensive monthly subscription of £24.99 with annual membership costing £198.99. One of the earliest exponents of matched betting is Profit Maximiser which only has one subscription option of £116.40 per year. This asks for quite a commitment from anyone new to matched betting, as there is a noticeable falloff in interest once the sign up offers have been completed.

Matched betting on a regular basis requires thoughtful planning as many reload offers can only be done at certain times. There’s no doubt that it remains a profitable endeavour in the long run but does require more application. It’s for these reasons; taking up monthly subscription makes most sense while upgrading to annual is always there for those that get the bug of making money from matched betting.

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