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Lucky 15 Bets & Tips
One of the most popular bets, amongst the racing punters within the world of horse racing is the Lucky 15 bet.

You’ll find it’s a popular bet shared amongst the tipsters, as when winners come up your stakes multiply against the given odds, so you can walk away with a pretty penny from a minimal stake.

There are some great tipsters within the horse racing community and Lucky 15 tips can be grabbed from The Winners Enclosure Lucky 15 page daily. You’ll find other Lucky 15 tipsters but these guys are on point daily with betting tips from across the whole of the UK.

Multiply your selection

The Lucky 15 is a combination bet that pays out across your results which can then tally up to a nice figure, if of course your horse selections romp home.

The bet consists of 15 bets, hence the name, across the 4 selections you make. You can place any sport within the Lucky 15.

What is it?

It’s a multiplier bet where you have to select four horses to win, you can often place them as each way bets too. There are 15 bets in total that consist of 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a 4-fold accumulator. If all 4 selections come in then you’ll often win a winner’s bonus, a lot of bookies offer this. You’ll often see other incentives running alongside the Lucky 15’s too, bonuses such as if you have 1 loss you’ll achieve a bonus pay-out often termed a one loser bonus and there are also one winner bonuses too.

The Lucky 15 can be used across other sports but is most common within the horse racing and football fraternity.

The best thing about a Lucky 15 is that even if only one of your selections wins, you’ll receive a pay-out. Obviously, the more selections that win the more pay-outs you’ll receive.

These pay outs do come at a slightly higher cost as they will multiply your stake to reflect the bet. In simple terms, a Lucky 15 multiplies your stake by 15 as you are given 15 bets in total. So, a £1 stake may offer a handsome return but you’ll have to pay a total of £15 to place the bet

Where and how to place a Lucky 15

Practically every online bookmaker who offers horse racing bets will allow you to place a Lucky 15. They’re one of the most popular multi-sports bets available within the industry.

You can grab a Lucky 15 slip from most high street bookmaker too, or just log in to your favourite bookies account and do it online.

Whichever way you choose to place your Lucky 15 we’ll sure you’ll find it straight-forward enough to do, then sit back and hopefully watch your results pile in.

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