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League of Legends Continues to Break Records
This past weekend saw the final of the 2020 League of Legends World Finals in Shanghai between the Chinese Suning Gaming, and the Korean winners of Damwon Gaming. With the 2019 figures benchmark being set very highly, expectations remained high for this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint as new records were set with some surprises along the way.

Perhaps the most surprising difference for the 2020 competition had been within the streaming platforms relied upon for the event – over the past decade Twitch had remained the most used in the west as it had continually pulled in the highest viewership numbers, but this year YouTube had come out on top with over two million concurrent viewers during the final day. Whilst Twitch viewership still remained high, with huge growth in the Vietnam market particularly, whilst fans now await hearing about estimates for Chinese viewership which will surely put the numbers much higher.

League of Legends World Finals
(Image from
The coming weeks should also start to paint a picture into the betting market for the event too as support for esports betting has been growing over the past few years – with new sites such as finding growing representation across the events and many of the bigger operators becoming direct sponsors, it has become safe to assume that betting figures should also be much higher with this increased viewership too – many have also become much more likely to bet with the inability to attend live events across traditional sporting titles too, and it may be likely that this remains true even in esports as support has found from a growing crossover in fans.

The split in platform popularity does raise a number of questions however – with the largest in Twitch starting to fall off in popularity largely due to controversy around the platform itself and support for YouTube largely coming from a more casual viewership base, it may leave space in the market for a newer independent service to fill the space left behind and fill the gaps where weaknesses and strengths have been found in the other services.

Something that has been shown throughout the past few months with the growing number of events that have had to move to a primarily online base however is that the disruptions caused during the pandemic period have little impact on the viewership numbers as they have continued to remain high throughout each event – with many now being postponed until the new year it may be a little time until more information is given on the next biggest events to take place across the biggest games in the industry, but if figures provided by the Worlds event this past weekend are anything to go by then big things can certainly be expected. With the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major moved to next year, and the upcoming DoTA2 The International still to come as the biggest events in those respective games too, esports enthusiasts and punters certainly have plenty more to be excited for and plenty more opportunities for viewership and betting too.
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