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Its a Good time to take free bets
Now is a good time to be taking free bets and there is more than just what is financially on offer in benefits to you. If you are a keen sports bettor then its a great time to have a diverse portfolio of betting outlets. Never before has there been such an array of operators in the digital betting world desperate to take your money, which means competition for your custom, which leads to higher prices. And taking top price is a must if you are going to give yourself a chance of beating the bookmakers or exchange layers.

It also doesn't hurt that the government is about to crush the hopes of high street betting shop owners by slashing the maximum bets allowed in the much talked about FOBTs. Once that comes into force the bookies will have to reach out to new customers by offering better deals than the rest, so the punter is going to get better value all round.

How to Open accounts and get Free Bets
Easiest way to search for free bets is to use a website that has gone to the trouble of collating those on offer from dozens of operators. Failing that just head to a bookie you do not have an account with and offers will be displayed immediately. Not all will be free bets but those that offer deposit bonus amount to free bets when you claim the bonus.

Understand the Conditions
Although the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) is cracking down on bookies and casinos with what used to be complex and unrealistic conditions for sign-up offers it is still really important to understand conditions which vary from site to site. Most free bets or deposit bonuses come with the condition of wagering a certain amount on a certain number of bets. If you withdraw your money before these have been satisfied then you lose the bonus.

If the requirments to receive your bonus mean that you will have to bet more than you would normally in the time period they specify, for instance 90 days, then don't force yourself to bet that much, it is likely to cost more than the bonus or free bets are worth.

Also note that the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) set the rules for what offers can offer so anything that says “Money Back” must be in the form of cash and not a bonus. Also if it says “Risk Free” it must be just that, you must not be in a position to incur any loss at all.

The are other restrictions to keep in mind, especially not qualifying for free bets or bonuses if you deposit with PayPal or Neteller or similar services.

Why Have Multiple Accounts?
It can't be stressed enough that value is king when making a bet. Even if you are just an occasional punter there is no reason to give the bookmaker more money. Make them earn their crust and if you seek out the best price every time you bet it will pressure bookies into raising their prices to get the action they need to survive. This benefits you and everyone else.

You don't need to keep any money in any of the accounts as the speed of deposits is instant. Yes it is true that some withdrawl times make a gap in you receiving your money but that is just a small inconvenience when you are receiving extra money because of the higher price you got.

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