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HowtoBet Study unveils most & least intelligent sports fans
Sports are responsible for generating some of the most compelling rivalries there are. Duke-North Carolina, Red Sox-Yankees, Michigan-Ohio State are Lakers-Celtics are a few of the many that captivate fans across the country. And by proxy, rivalries between those fan bases were created as well.

These rivalries have spawned debates on barstools from the Northeast to Southwest and everywhere in between. Who can lay claim to being the most knowledgeable or which of the most passionate can also be the most misinformed?

HowtoBet Study Breakdown

Recently, How To Bet set out to establish just that, conducting a study that administered IQ tests to determine the most and least intelligent sports fans in America.

Paired with a team of professional psychologists, HowtoBet determined four key indicators to define intelligence among participants that identified as fans of a particular team in all four major sports, as well as wrestling and motor racing. Those four indicators were as follows, using the study’s terminology verbatim to define each individual criteria.
  • Verbal Intelligence – Reading, writing, and comprehension tests to measure capacity for learning and problem-solving.
  • Mathematical Ability – Problem-solving and arithmetic tests provide a good base for general intelligence.
  • Logical Reasoning – Puzzle-based questions designed to measure lateral thinking and creativity.
  • Visual Reasoning – Visual based questions (such as spotting the odd one out and finding identical images in a collection) to measure the capacity to process visual material.
The Results Are In

At the conclusion of the study, it was deemed that the smartest group overall were wrestling fans, after that, the contingent earned a collective IQ score of 112.6. For context, IQ scores over 116 are considered above average, sports studies or otherwise. The group discovered to be the least intelligent? NASCAR fans, scoring 95.2 collectively.

Diving further into how intelligent wrestling fans proved to be in this study, the findings indicated that supporters of Roman Reigns (current WWE Universal Champion) and Daniel Bryan were the smartest of those surveyed.

The top team fan bases came from the world of the NHL, with Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings diehards scoring the best. Houston Texans’ supporters topped the NFL ranks, the Chicago Bulls in the NBA and the Boston Red Sox for MLB, finishing as the 20th most intelligent group.

NASCAR fans took the top three unenviable spots as fans of Joe Gibbs Racing, Front Row Motorsports, and Richard Childress Racing finished as the three least intelligent groups in the study.

The least intelligent NBA supporters cheer for the Miami Heat (81.6 IQ score), while the New England Patriots (85.1) lowlighted the NFL spot, with the New York Mets’ fans (93.6) being the least intelligent within the MLB space. Joe Gibbs Racing fans boasted an IQ score of 78.2.

The WWE Universe won the imaginary title belt for the verbal intelligence and logical reasoning categories (fantasy booking long-term storylines with solid promos), while NHL fans hoisted the Cup for the mathematical ability and visual reasoning sections of the study. It’s worth noting that NFL fans finished second in verbal intelligence and third in mathematical ability, with the NBA contingent earning a silver in logical reasoning and a bronze in visual reasoning.

Mars and Venus

Another component of the study measured the overall competency of men versus women. Females came out on top, out-performing males on IQ scoring, 109.6 to 105.5. However, the less fair sex did tie women across the four sections of the intelligence test. The ladies did dominate the mathematical ability and logical reasoning sections as well.

The debate surely isn’t over, rather it will likely rage on with an added layer of intensity once these groups examine the results.

Where do you agree? Disagree?

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