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Football Betting Tips - How To Bet on NFL underdogs coming off a win  
Every week during the NFL season, some handicappers are left scratching their heads, while others are cashing a winning ticket on an underdog that pulls off a huge upset.

But are they as good as they appear to be, and how does a handicapper find the confidence to back that underdog the next week?

ere a few questions NFL handicappers can ask that will help them figure out how to treat an NFL underdog after an upset win. We spoke with the worlds best sports bettor Jon Price of Sports Information Traders on how he has managed to make money every single football season betting on sports while all others handicappers continue to lose money.

Jon Says to not get emotional and get tied up with the news you may hear from your favorite sports broadcasters. Also follow the latest NFL betting odds using top line services like Sports Options. Every edge you can get will help you to make money with a proper understanding of wagering on underdogs after a big win this football season.

For starters, are they a good team that was just overlooked, or are they a lousy team that just got really lucky? That can usually be answered by looking at the odds from the prior week.

Sometimes an underdog is not nearly as much of an underdog as they appear to be, but rather an unpopular football team that played a road game against a very popular team. In that case, the odds were probably inflated for the favorite, and the underdog didn't get near the respect they deserved. If so, then they could be worth wagering on again.

The next question for handicappers to ask, is how an underdog beat their opponent the prior week. Did they win by impressive fashion, or did they just squeak out the win? Or better yet, did their opponent play well as well as they could have or expected to, or did they have a lousy outing? Did penalties, bad officiating, or weather play a factor in the underdog's win? Or maybe the underdog was really able to exploit their opponent's weakness. If so, what did it take out of them?

If an underdog had to work harder than normal, or played a particularly physical game, then they could be banged up for their next game. That could negatively impact their ability to win their next game. But if their win was not particularly demanding, they could be more confident heading into their next game, especially if it is against a lesser opponent than the one they beat.

And while handicappers don't want to spend too much time looking backwards, the past is important when looking at a who an underdog last week is facing the coming week.

How do they match up to their opponent on offense and defense, or are they seriously outmatched?

Handicappers need to spend ample time here, researching a team's next game, and not worrying about the last one.

Finally,  handicappers looking to back an NFL underdog coming off a huge upset, need to see how the betting public is reacting.  This can have a serious impact on the next game's odds.

If the public is impressed by the underdog's upset then they might back them in their next game, diminishing any value they might have.

However, if the public considers their upset a fluke, then they might not pay any attention, meaning, NFL handicappers willing to back them could find real value.

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