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Assessing the toughest horse racing
courses and races in the world
Ascot Race Horses
Horse racing is a global, multi-billion dollar industry, and this is reflected in the thousands of horse races which take part annually. As any racing enthusiast knows, these races can range from 1 mile sprints, to jump courses over many furlongs, meaning it’s often tough to pick a winner.

Whilst all of these differing courses have their challenges, jockeys have come to consider some courses as tougher than others and here we bring you some of the hardest tracks and races in the world:

Ascot Gold Cup

The Gold Cup comes in at a distance of 4,014 metres, being 2 miles 3 furlongs and 210 yards in old money. Open to the most elite “stayers” in British racing, the prestigious event holds a special importance to jockeys and trainers as the most importance race at Ascot, and with a sizeable purse for the winners nearly £150,000, many jockeys have succumbed to the weight of expectation surrounding this race.

The Mongol Derby

If you’re racing fan who appreciates the quick thrills and victories afforded by most races, The Mongol Derby may not be for you. Coming in at a whopping total of 1000 km, a winner normally grosses the finish line around 10 days after setting off. The course is changed every year, and kept secret from most competitors until shortly before the race, but you can guarantee it will include mountain valleys, river crossings and semi-desert like conditions across the Mongolian Steppe. To give you an idea of the challenge, only half the riders typically finish this mammoth endurance course.

The Grand National

Regarded by many as the toughest thoroughbred race on the planet, life in the UK all but stops for the 10 minutes or so whilst this historic race is run.

Such is the importance of this race in British culture that for many people, the Grand National is the only race event they will even pay attention to, never mind bet money on. Its reputation is fearsome however, with a fiendishly long race length of 4 miles and 2½ furlongs, and 30 obstacles, plus handicap weights. It’s no surprise that many riders do not finish the course.

Given how difficult it is to pick a winner of this famous race, although Tiger Roll has tried his best to dispel that myth, it’s always worth doing your research ahead of the National before you back a runner.

For those punters of a more cautious disposition, it may be worth trying a few different horse racing bets like Scoop 6 races if you don’t want to back singles like outright winner- but always keep it fun!

Velká pardubická

The Czech Republic may not be the first place to come to the minds of most horse racing fans, but the country hosts one of the toughest steeplechases on the planet, the Velká pardubická. This cross country jump course takes place over 6.9 km, and comprises 31 obstacles, including the infamous Taxis ditch, which has claimed the lives of 28 horses over the history of the race. Whilst still a relatively obscure event in the UK, a handful of British and Irish jockeys have found success at this meet.

The Melbourne Cup

Widely regarded as Australia’s most famous thoroughbred race, this 3200 metre course is also one of its toughest, reflected by the enormous purse of over £4 million, roughly four times that of the Grand National.

Horses travel from all over the globe with their trainers to compete, and such is its importance in its home city of Melbourne, that a national holiday is granted for the residents of the area. As with most great races, it is not with scandal and controversy, but for many this just adds to the glamour of this prestigious event

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