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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Sportsbook Bonus
Every sportsbook will offer several different bonuses to their players, all with positives and negatives, and it is never easy to pick the right one.

The types of bonuses include anything ranging from an extra 10% cash-out bonus up to free bets and increased odds. These can be very tempting and you may select one thinking it is right for you, but can you be sure?

Before you claim a bonus, place your bet and watch live streams of your football match, or other sporting event, here is a list of five things to keep in mind to make sure you select the correct bonus.

1) Amount and Percentage
The first thing to look at is how much of a bonus you are actually getting. Look at the amount of free bets you will receive, the percentage of cash-out or extra winnings bonus and the chances of an increased odds bet coming in.

It is always essential to make sure you pick the bonus that offers you the most value. The more you get, the better the bonus.

2) Wagering Requirements
This may be in the small print at the bottom of the screen and therefore easy to miss, but it is an important part of selecting a bonus.

You may be offered a free bet to the value of 50% your previous bet, but this may have conditions that make it almost impossible to win. Maybe you also have to bet double the amount you usually would in order to claim the bonus.

Take the wagering requirements into consideration so that you don’t end up spending more real money to claim a bigger bonus that has less chance of a profit.

3) Restricted Countries
This one may also be in the small print but should be a little more obvious to players before claiming a bonus.

Before claiming your bonus, ask yourself “Is the bonus you want to claim available in the country you are in?”

If the answer is no, do not attempt to claim it and look for a better suited one that is available

4) Restricted Markets
Some bonuses will only be available for certain markets and sometimes on teams of certain odds. Make sure you know all the restrictions before claiming a bonus.

You don’t really want to be claiming a bonus for a market you have no knowledge of when it may be better to wait for one that is right for you.

5) Previous Bonus Restrictions
This one is possibly the most important because it can lead to you spending real money in order to claim a bonus that will not be available due to previous restrictions.

Maybe you still haven’t satisfied the wagering requirements of a welcome bonus or you are trying to claim a new player bonus for a sportsbook that you were previously signed up to.

Make sure all requirements of previous bonuses are met before attempting to claim a new one.

One Last Point
Remember, sportsbook bonuses can be a great help and can increase your profit margin if chosen wisely. You must also be fully aware of any limitations on the bonus you are claiming in order to get the most from it.

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