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10 betting secrets that an expert
won’t tell you!
Betting, by its virtue, is one of the trickiest “profession” one can partake in. It definitely might seem like a cakewalk, fun and an enjoyable experience—making money out of it can become really cumbersome if you don’t play your moves right. Understanding the market, the book maker’s strategy, the moves, etc. can get overwhelming for punters. Betting on something as basic as some card game can also go wrong if one does not come across trustworthy bookmakers. It is a business where luck, per se, plays an important role. Another open option which has tagged along over the course of time for punters to put their bets on, are the online betting sites and casinos. One can easily put a bet on any game like blackjack or any other game — for starters, all you need to do is register to play a wide variety of slots online or whichever source if you find worthy of your investment. While all these options give punters a wide variety of choices to bet on, something which most people forget to consider is that major possibility of being fooled. Needless to say, betting is not something one would just do for the sake of experimenting or as a pass time activity.

Anyone who’s planning to put a bet on something will definitely also want a profitable result. But anyone who’s betting and has been doing it for a long time will also not want another punter to win. Hence, expecting an expert to disclose betting secrets is something as futile as expecting the sun to rise during nighttime. Here are some betting secrets which experts would never tell you:
  • Understanding the concept of value – Having a proper understanding about the bet and what value the odds being offered are giving is what makes one an expert in betting. Being able to understand or spot value means that one can understand when the odds are too high. Spotting values essentially refers to the ability to judge probabilities better than the market. Spotting value is one of the toughest things to do in the betting business.

  • Understanding basic mathematics – One can find a lot of punters in the betting business who rely on their intuition before placing a bet. But the odds are likely to not be on the punter’s side because what if “fate” doesn’t favor? To avoid any such dicey situation, an expert in the betting business must have a nice understanding of mathematics. Understanding what the odds reflect in terms of probability will not happen if the punter only banks on what he feels.

  • Understanding how bookmakers make the odds – The bookmaker's odds will be what he expects the punters to play. He will set odds in a way which will balance his liabilities and take his commission. If anyone who’s betting wants to win in the end, he/she has to find the right bookmaker who will also allow the punter to win. Unfortunately, the betting industry is driven by frauds so getting a trustable bookmaker can take a while.

  • Ability to fall in love with the ugly duck – A big mistake which punters make is they often tend to avoid the team nobody “likes”. The ability to look at a team in terms of value and not how it looks on paper will make a punter an expert in this business.

  • Never dwell in the past or celebrate unnecessarily – Neither does an expert in the betting industry dwell in the past where he/she has lost for long, nor does he/she celebrate his/her victory for too long and indulge in over-confidence. A rational punter should know how to balance emotion and game planning both at the same time.

  • Never hope for big scores – An expert will always know when to and when not to place a bet. Multi-bets or parlays promise to give a big score, but it only comes in use if the punter has been able to locate the true value.

  • Building a long-term sensibility – Building a betting bankroll, slowly increasing the amount one bets on each game is what will actually give positive results to punters. Anyone willing to draw a bet should understand that it isn’t a place for making easy money. Betting needs investment of time and patience more than anything else.

  • Starting with a sensible betting bankroll – If one wants to make money in this business, one has to start with a betting bankroll which is capable of accepting losses. Money management is a crucial and intricate aspect of betting.

  • Checking the bet before placing it – Mistakes are inevitable. There is no harm in checking for mistakes because overconfidence can often turn out to be disastrous.

  • Knowing the bet inside out – An expert always knows what he/she is placing a bet on. He/she is never influenced by other’s opinion.
In a nutshell, betting could an immensely rewarding experience if you play while maintaining your calm and keeping your emotional stimulants out of the equation.

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