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The Most Popular Slot Games in the World
From casino floors to computer screens, slot games blink, ring, spin, and jangle their way into people’s hearts each and every day. Slots have been around for ages, and although there have been hundreds of various slot games released over the years in addition to new ones coming out each day, certain ones gain larger followings than others. Rather than leave you guessing which slot to choose next time you’re in Vegas, Atlantic City, or an online casino, here’s the rundown on some of the most popular slot games around the world.

Cash Spin
As the first place winner at the 2010 Global Gaming Expo, Cash Spin is definitely a game worth playing, especially if you reach the bonus round and get to spin the wheel. Unlike other games with wheels that spin at the push of a button, Cash Spin players can actually reach up to spin the wheel and control its speed, similar to the giant wheel on “The Price is Right.” It even has the clicking sound effects as the wheel rotates. How cool is that?

Vegas Hits
What’s better than spinning one wheel? Well, how about two? With two wheels to spin instead of one and the ability to win free games and bonuses, it’s not surprising that Vegas Hits is one of the most popular slot games on the strip and around the world.

Money Vault
Money Vault is a progressive slot that allows multiple people to simultaneously spin for the big jackpot, raising the stakes and the size of the jackpot with nearly every spin. Needless to say, Money Vault jackpots can be huge. In fact, one guy actually made $2.8 million playing it at the Bellagio. To top it all off, Money Vault features groundbreaking 3D graphics as well, cementing its place as one of the world’s most popular slots. You can get a cracking casino bonus when you sign up by visiting the above site.

People who try to claim they play this slot for the lucrative jackpots are about as obvious as those who claim they have a monthly subscription to the famous magazine for its inspiring articles. Regardless of the reasons for its popularity, this sexy slot game is a ton of fun to play and a classic staple that’s guaranteed to last.

Betty Boop
Famous for her unabashed sex appeal, Betty Boop is now one of the many famous characters being used by casinos and software companies to bring a smile to player’s faces and loosen their wallets. In addition to its styling and obvious attractiveness, this popular slot game features a love meter and takes a player’s love temperature, making it one of the most interactive slots out there.

Blazing 7s
Blazing 7s is a fun slot game becoming increasingly popular for the generous 85 percent hit frequency it provides players and even more generous payouts of up to 20 times the bet. Katy Perry fans also love the fact that it plays her “Waking up in Vegas” music video.

This has long been one of the most popular slot games around the world. With an Egyptian-based Cleopatra theme, the classic five-reel slot uses symbols, imagery, and music to draw players in like a snake charmer. Meanwhile, the massive $50,000 jackpot and the dream of striking it big by winning 100,000 times their bets keeps players lured hook, line, and sinker.

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