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Online Slots and Deposit Bonuses

All online casinos are offering sign up bonuses to players, different offers with basically similar deals where to claim the bonus you have to meet wagering requirements as well as many other stipulations which can catch the unweary player out.

Most casinos have even more specialised bonus offers for slot players that involve free spins as well as deposit bonuses. These are definitely tricky things to navigate and they are sometimes not easy to find even though their license says that they should be easily found. Make sure you find them and read them before signing up to a bonus because they come with strict conditions. Also its a great benefit to look at sites who do a thorough job in considering all aspects when reviewing online casinos, like CasinoPapa, that includes clear information these bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses
There a few online casinos that still offer a free £5 bonus just for joining but so far the ones we have researched are not including terms and conditions which we could find. This makes us a bit sceptical and hesitant in signing up with an email and mobile phone number as these maybe what they are after and none of them are well known sites. So our advice is to stick to well know sites with well understood Ts & Cs.

Paypal and other net based transfer sites
Many sites allow depositing via Paypal which is useful for people who don't want to use or don't have a bank account. Not everyone wants to trust an online gambling site with these details and so Paypal is an easier option. It should be noted that Paypal does not offer reimbursement protection for gambling transfers. PayPal was once the biggest processor of online gambling transactions in the world, but it voluntarily withdrew itself from all markets in 2003, due to the then legally gray nature of the sector in most countries.

In 2010, it began accepting gambling transactions again, but only for licensed operators in jurisdictions where the online gambling was fully legal and regulated. This year it removed the buyer protection to limit possible use of this service by people unhappy with their gambling loses.

Also useful to note is there are sites (like pocketwin - a fully licensed website) that accept deposit by Paypal but not withdrawl to Paypal. Your choices of withdrawl are then cheque (who wants that) and bank transfer - so needing to give your details once again which is probablly a thing you're avoiding when you are using Paypal to deposit.

More importantly some sites specify in the Ts & Cs that a deposit with Paypal will not count towards a bonus, so take care in reading them or look closely at the review for any bonus issues.

Wagering Requirements
With the regular onine casinos that are fully licensed and supported by top software you are not currently going to find slot bonuses that are given without wagering requirements. So you must keep that in mind if you accept the terms and conditions and go for the bonus. Because you don't have to if you think its going to cost you a lot of money to get it.

Sometimes its as little as having to gamble 4 x your deposit but can go as high as 100 x your deposit. We suggest this is too much to get tied to so just join to play as normal. Anything over 20 x your deposit is just asking you to risk losing more money than you will get in bonuses.

Free Spins
You can get free spins just by signing up, especially if they are encouraging you to download their app. These all come with maximum win sizes which will be quite small so don't get too involved just for this.

If you are gambling in the United Kingdom then any site you visit will need a remote gambling license from the UK Gambling Commission, it does not matter if they have one from another jurisdiction. If they don't have a UK licence we suggest you give them a pass. So to be safe and sure head to the Find licensees search page on their website and the site name. If you don't find it then move on to another site

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