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History of Netentertainment
Net Entertainment is one of the most popular gaming developers in the online gambling industry. It was technically established in the year 1996, but has a history that goes almost 50 years back.

It goes back to the 70s when Cherry, which was a very famous offline casino in Scandinavia, had to modify the whole business and restructure it into a new organisation. This happened because the slot machines there were banned due to changing rules and regulations.

In 1984, Cherry acquired many great casino companies of Sweden and their shares. Later from 1986 to 1991, Cherry got success in delivering slot machines to many East European country casinos. Unfortunately for Cherry, after this short term success, in 1992 there were orders to shut all such activities in those countries.

Pontus Lindwall, who was the founder of Net Entertainment, thought about the possibilities of starting online casino slots, with the introduction of the internet. Although, majority of people didn’t own a personal computer, they were adapting to it rapidly.

At that time, people didn’t think of internet as such a powerful communicating source, and hence, became the reason for Cherry’s transformation into Net Entertainment in 1996 and its success.

Net Entertainment started when Pontus convinced one of the biggest venture companies of Europe- Cherry and Kinnevik, to invest money in it.

They invested around €8.5 million, which resulted in a successful company-and the rest as they say is history-it went on to become a pioneer in the online gaming industry!

Difficulties Faced and Overcoming Them
With its initiation in the online world, Net Entertainment also had to face some difficulties. Although people started using internet extensively, they were still hesitant in making any kind of online purchases or transactions because they thought it was not entirely safe.

Due to a sudden increase in online gaming companies, some of which were also fake, governments started banning them.

Malta was one of the first countries, which understood the importance in the balance between online gaming companies and their customers. It kept a close supervision and command, which resulted in other countries following the lead. Today, there are numerous trustworthy gaming companies providing a wide range of online games with safe payment options and tools for personal data security.

About Net Entertainment
Net Entertainment has been one of the first companies to start the trend of online gaming and also a very reliable one. It has since then provided an extensive variety of video slots and poker games to lure the players and give as many exciting features as possible.

It keeps on renovating and modernising the online slot games to tempt its customers and provide ample opportunities for them to win. The NetEnt Jackpot Network offers wins as great as millions.

Its offices are majorly situated in Malta and Sweden. It is also registered on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and has experienced a constant progress in its share prices.

The Future
Net Entertainment is considered the primary developer of live casino games, online casino games as well as mobile casino games. The numerous NetEnt casino operators are giving their best in providing the finest online games, answering all the how’s and why’s of the customers, providing safe payment options, stating the risks of gambling addiction and securing players’ personal data like card numbers and passwords.

Future ventures of Net Entertainment include more of mobile games with a focus on constantly bringing pleasant changes to the live games category. Check out PlayerX for the latest Net Entertainment bonuses.

It has always won hearts with beautiful graphics, interesting features and fun games. Believing that innovation is the key to success, Net Entertainment feels pride in developing some of the best games and distributing them to the online casino industry.

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