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Game of Thrones Slot Machine
The latest slot to offer 243 way to win with each and every spin is that of Game Of Thrones which has been produced by the ever reliable Microgaming. Packaged in a way to appeal to both fans of the show and all others alike this slot has a range of features that will bring players new players in in their droves.

The first thing that struck us about Game Of Thrones was undoubtedly the graphics. We were immediately drawn in by the enchanting layout which manages to incorporate most of the symbols that we would imagine to be the best fit for the show. Combine this with the enchanting theme tune of the show which plays in the background and you have the perfect set up. However, nice graphics and some good music don’t make for a good slot. So what else does this game have to offer and why should you choose it other than its presentation?

First up is the frequency of wins. When we played it soon became apparent that wins were not far apart and although we didn’t manage to strike any major bucks we had many smaller wins which kept our interest peaked. Put this together with the bonus games such as the free spins and the appearance of the dragons egg upon getting two iron throne symbols and you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next win to roll in. You’ll also find yourself with the option of double or nothing with a coin toss should you win on any of the free bonus spins – this is an aspect of the game which may not appeal to some but the gambler within us loved it, experiencing the highs and lows of seeing your money either double or vanish into thin air. You can also go a=on and gamble it up to 3 more times on the coin toss giving you the opportunity to increase your original winnings 8x, though this must surely only be for the most courageous of players!

What with the slot being a brand new offering you’ll find that various casinos and slots sites have some fantastic bonuses on offer to help you get off that a winning start.

So for anyone looking for a new slot to try out get over to anyone of the online casinos offering free spins and deposit bonuses and give the latest and one of the best recent offers from Microgaming a try!


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