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TV shows that have been turned into games

The worlds of television and the Internet are blurring into one. We can watch TV on the Internet and use our televisions to surf the net. We can play web-linked games on Playstations and Xboxes and we can interact with live TV using Twitter and Facebook. One realm is influencing the other and vice versa. This is particularly true in gaming. TV shows are now being turned into games, just as books have been turned into films and television series. Here are some of the most popular and highly played games that began life as TV shows.

Deal Or No Deal
The TV show that relaunched Noel Edmunds and encouraged millions of people to tune into late afternoon TV on Channel Four has now been turned into a slots game. Sky Vegas has devised a 20-line slot Deal or no Deal game. You can bet from as little as 1p to win big progressive jackpots on the Deal Or No Deal game and there are three different bonuses two, based on the TV show: The Reel Banker, where a player wins continuous free spins and all wins during the free games are doubled; The Bankers Best Office, where the banker offers 10 unique offers, with each valued from one to 20 times the total player stake and Deal Or NO Deal The Jackpot, where the player can win the maximum jackpot if they are playing the maximum 20-line Deal Or No Deal game.

X Factor
The pop-star creating sensation is also a major hit in the online slots world. Like the Deal Or No Deal game, this is a five-reel, 20-line slot machine game. This is a progressive game, with three jackpots, bronze, silver and gold and a range of bonuses including Live Show Bonus, which is automatic entry into a progressive bonus game with a guaranteed win and Microphone Pick Me Bonus where the player wins an instant cash prize.

Another popular daytime TV favourite, Catchphrase has been successfully transformed into a popular online slots game. There are two bonuses to look forward to on this game. The first is Catchphrase Bonus. This gives players their own taste of Catchphrase the TV game, as they have to answer the catchphrases correctly before their opponent over five rounds. The second is the Super Catchphrase Bonus. Players have to collect letters to build a path avoer the Super Catchphrase board to win.

Remember before you do any form of gambling, check out the Gamble Aware website to get all the facts.

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