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IFP World Championship 2011
Nations Cup
Twelve countries played for two days of the Nations’ Cup at County Hall in London, 17th and 18th November, 2011.

Separated into two groups – Group A (Spain, Germany, United States, Ireland, Denmark and Team Zynga) and Group B (Japan, France, Australia, Holland, the United Kingdom and Brazil).

After the first round of play the promoted teams were Germany, Spain and Team Zynga from Group A and France, Holland and Brazil from Group B.

A 72-hand final round was played with the final results as follows;

  Team Points
1 Germany 24
2 Brazil 22*
3 France 22
4 Zynga 20
5 Holland 19*
6 Spain 19
* decided on a tie breaker

Editor's Note: This was supposed to be an elimination event with six teams progressing from day one into day two. Unfortunately organisers lost data and decided the whole thing should start again on day two.

IFP World Championship
“The Table,” as this IFP World Championship tournament is called, featured 135 invited players to battle it out over a two day tournament for a $500,000 prize pool, with $250,000 for first place.

After day one there were nine finalists.

  Name (Country) Chips
Seat 1 Igor Trafane (Brazil) 369K
Seat 2 Sandra Naujoks (Germany) 167K
Seat 3 Takuo Serita (Japan) 41K
Seat 4 Kinichi Nakata (Japan) 29K
Seat 5 Victoria Coren (UK) 204K
Seat 6 Slavko Tomic (Serbia) 44K
Seat 7 Marsha Waggoner (Australia) 32K
Seat 8 Tim Reese (Germany) 44K
Seat 9 Raul Mestre (Spain) 426K

When the the final got down to two players Mestre had the edge, but Coren gradually worked her way into the chip lead. Over the span of fifty minutes, the duo parried each other before a clash that would determine the championship. After a raise by Coren, Mestre put his remaining chips in the center and Coren called. With his pocket fives, Mestre held the lead over Coren’s A-J and the board would do nothing to change the situation. Once the chips were counted, Coren was left with slightly less than 180K in chips and Mestre had shot up to 1.17 million.

A little while later Coren would eventually fall when her A-3 was dominated by Mestre’s A-5 and Mestre hit a 5 on the flop.

After day two the results are;

Place Name (Country) Prize
1st Raul Mestre (Spain) $250,000
2nd Victoria Coren (UK) $100,000
3rd Igor Trafane (Brazil) $50,000
4th Slavko Tomic (Serbia) $25,000
5th Marsha Waggoner (Australia) $20,000
6th Sandra Naujoks (Germany) $17,500
7th Takuo Serita (Japan) $15,000
8th Tim Reese (Germany) $12,500
9th Kinichi Nakata (Japan) $10,000

Gold Medal Winner and World Champion Raul Mestre
Raul Mestre

Silver Medal Winner Victoria Coren
Victoria Coren

The rest of the Mind Sports Festival results seemed to have vanished without a trace so we are sorry not to bring them to you.
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