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The Good Thief (2003)
This is basically a remake of the great french movie Bob le Flambeur (1955) and Nick Nolte plays Bob Montagné who was the lead in the original film of 50 years ago.

Major changes include Nolte depicted as a junkie as well as a gambler, a little hard to do both those things successfully. That change does however allow him to put in a great performance because it is basically himself he is playing. The second change is a move from a Paris base where the target is a casino in Deauville and on to Nice where drugs are plenty and Monte Carlo is close by.

This is actually an underrated caper which provides an abundance of cinematic riches, not the least being Jordan's (director) peerless knack for dialogue and a tailor-made role for Nick Nolte.

The elegant plot is yours to discover. One reviewer aptly desribed it as "the underbelly of Ocean's Eleven," involving an impenetrable vault full of priceless art, a rescued Russian prostitute, an eccentric band of accomplices, and high-stakes poker in Monte Carlo. Though there is no poker.
Nolte's right at home in this rich-and-risky milieu, and the combined talents of Jordan and ace cinematographer Chris Menges make The Good Thief a pleasure from start to finish.

Some people may be benefitted not to expect the film to unravel in the classic style of scene leading meaningfully into scene. This is the style of each piece to camera invariably containing far more information than can be seen and you have to think fast to build credibility into why things are happening. Recommended is swithching the DVD off and getting a drink, then switching back on when your brain has had a chance to catch up.
A very good try I think but could have done with actually going to Monte Carlo and not some Cote d'Azur town pretending to be it. Also slowling down from time to time would have helped.

Lots of good performances. Noir and everything - 7/10
Marks : 7/10
Director Neil Jordan Nick Nolte Bob Montagné
Writing Auguste Le Breton,
Jean-Pierre Melville
Nutsa Kukhianidze Anne
Cinematography Chris Menges Ouassini Embarek Said
    Marc Lavoine Remi
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