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Oceans 11 (2001)
What was the original about? It wasn't a big hit or Oscar-winning drama. Frank and the boys were working the nightclubs of Vegas, and with little to do during the day except sit in the steam rooms, they decided to make a movie.

"The first movie is remembered, probably more for who was in it" than for what it was, said director Steven Soderbergh, who won the best director Oscar last year for drama "Traffic". But before any moviegoer gets the idea that this new "Ocean's Eleven" has Oscar aspirations, it doesn't. It, too, is all about good-looking movie stars having a good time.

The story picks up when Danny is released on bail. He heads to Las Vegas looking to regain his girl, and pick up a little money by robbing Benedict, who owns the Bellagio, MGM Grand and the Mirage hotel and casinos, of $160 million.

Though this film is about a group of con men looking to rob Las Vegas casinos it bears little resemblance to the first. ``Those other guys really had their own vibe,'' said Pitt, ''and we didn't dare try to emulate that.''

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The movie is slick from the beginning to the end. Perhaps that is the downfall, though there are a few surprises you now that nothing is really going to go wrong. At least in the original somebody dies, which is how they thought of getting the money out of the desert. There are some oddities to muse over. Why for instance has Don Cheadle, the Sammy Davis spot, got an Australian cockney acccent. Beats me. I must say however that the camera work is great, the colours are wild and vivid, just like Las Vegas.

In essence this movie tries to carry the spirit of the original. Famous faces in a feel good script with nothing important to say about anything. Worth a visit.
Marks : 7½/10
Director Steven Soderbergh George Clooney Danny Ocean
Producer Jerry Weintraub Brad Pitt Dusty Ryan
Writing George Clayton Johnson Don Cheadle Roscoe Means
Production Warner Bros. Andy Garcia Harry Benedict
Cert./Runtime 127 mins Julia Roberts Tess Ocean
Also starring Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Matt Damon, Elliott Gould, Lennox Lewis.
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