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Oceans 11 (1960)
A rat pack movie with the full line-up plus a few extras like Cesar Romero and Angie Dickinson. You know the sexual politics are not going to be correct but you're not watching this movie for that.

From the off you know know this is going to be a feel good movie that reeks of class, style and a lot of Jack Daniels. As soon as Sammy starts singing know your watching a masterpiece in the art of cool that shouldn't, mustn't be missed.

Although a lot of the 'actors' in this film could do with 1 or 2 more takes ( something Frank wouldn't allow) it's surprising how good Dino, Frank and Sammy are at acting....Sammy Davis especially.

This is a well balanced movie that will not disappoint rat fans and will surprise newcomers. Seeing the original Joker (Cesar Romero) playing his socks off might surprise first time viewers.

The plot is simple. Old chums from the war are not experiencing civil life too well, 11 chums to be exact. Could have done with fewer for the sake of a better script but then how would they get a craps song in it? The plan is to take down some Las vegas casinos on New Years Eve when no one is looking. Somehow the mob get involved and then storing the money gets tricky.
Ocean's Eleven
DVD Zone 1 Zone 2
The end of the plot is fun and the end of film is cool. Its the widely talked about scene of the cast walking by The Sands in a long straggling line to the sound of Sammy Davis at his bluesiest... . Thirty years later Quentin somebody did something like that.....?
Marks : 8/10
Director Lewis Milestone Frank Sinatra Danny Ocean
Producer Lewis Milestone Dean Martin Sam Harmon
Writing George Clayton Johnson Sammy Davis Jr. Josh Howard
Production Warner Bros. Peter Lawford Jimmy Foster
Cert./Runtime 127 mins Angie Dickinson Beatrice Ocean
Also starring Cesar Romero (as Duke Santos), Joey Bishop (as Mushy O'Connors ), George Raft (as Jack Strager), and Red Skelton (as himself).
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