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New Bingo Sites
The game of Bingo has evolved rapidly in just the last few years into a billion pound industry around the world and its simply because of the digital connection ability that the internet gives to it. Its does however have to be said that Bingo was a slow starter when it comes to online play. The casinos and bookmakers got into the game as soon as connection speeds were up to the job and, as they have increased, so to has the sophistication of the virtual world players can immerse themselves in. Increased speeds have removed the need for punters to download their operators platform software and play directly with direct feed to the operators servers – though it is still true that the best looking and performing software is downloaded to a device.

Once the casinos and bookmakers got their act together they saw how easy it was to offer each others products and so multi-faceted sites offering multiple forms of gambling took over and became the normal thing. Even the exchange sites, once defiantly proud of their new way of doing things is best, now offer the traditional fare. But they ignored Bingo – Big mistake..

What they could not see was how the traditionally community based game could prosper in what is mostly a solitary player to operator relationship. After all, people gather in number in large halls to play bingo in their local areas and there is are facilities like food, bars and smoking areas where they get together. Occasionally when there is a National Game being played prizes can reach sizeable sums as just recently we saw a couple win £270k at Mecca Bingo in a National Game. But this is quite unusual and the prize is created by only a few tens of thousands of people playing around the country.

So this is what they missed. Offer the game to the whole country via the internet, get new large demographs involved that would normally be seen dead in a bingo hall and offer huge jackpot prizes along with the normal sized bingo offerings. As soon as a few adventuring operators dipped their toes into the water and the big players saw the rapid uptake then all the operators joined in..

Indeed the entrepreneur styled game show Dragon's Dens saw two business partners, Emmie Matthews and Ed Stevens, get £200,000 from Theo Paphitis for 30% in their company which alerted people of new offers on gaming sites. Once they got the money they quickly found out that it was bingo that had all the growth potential and focused on that.

The two partners idea was sound but flawed. People didn't want emails every ten seconds telling them of new bingo sites with free bonuses. What they wanted is somewhere they could click onto in their own leisure time and find out where the best sites were and what to do to get the best value when they got there.

So this is where we are today, millions of people playing bingo on their PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, playing for the stakes that suit them, when and where they like and the occasional million pound winner is created. Bingo is so 21st century..
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