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World Series Of Poker
 World Championship No-Limit Texas Hold'em Reports 6-17th July
June 1 – July 17 2007

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Reports : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1C Day 1D Day 2A&B Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Final Prize List
Anthony Holden's Blog : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1D Day 2 Day 4 Day 6 Final
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Las Vegas
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Day 1A - 6th July 2007 -

The tournament started at noon Las Vegas time. Because of the large number of entrants Day One of the Championship event has been stretched over 4 days, the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of July. Entrants had the choice of which day to play on.

Day 1A saw 1,287 players hear the comedian George Wallace utter the famous words, "Shuffle up and deal!". Matt Jansen was the first player out, holding a pair of Aces and losing to king-queen suited that flushed on the flop.

1978 WSOP Champion Bobby Baldwin, 2003 Champion Chris Moneymaker, Johnny Chan, back-to-back World Champion of 1987 and 1988, Doyle Brunson (1976 and 1977) and 1996 WSOP Champion Huckleberry Seed played today.

Day 1A was a quiet affair, reducing down to 450 players by midnight.

Out are Ram Vaswani, Eli Elezra, Dewey Tomko, Amarillo Slim, Mel Judah, Doyle Brunson, Johnny Chan, Liz Lieu, Teddy Sheringham, Mike Sexton, Joe Awada, Andy Black, David "Devilfish" Ulliott and many more........

Day 1A Chip Leaders
Tinten Olivier 260,000 Julian Gardner 143,700
John Dutchak 218,000 Joe Beevers 96,000
Steve Austin 200,000 Barry Greenstein 91,000
Adam Weiss 165,000 Huck Seed 45,000
Adam Richardson 156,000 Chris Bjorin 38,000

Reports : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1C Day 1D Day 2A&B Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Final Prize List
Anthony Holden's Blog : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1D Day 2 Day 4 Day 6 Final

Day 1B - 7th July 2007 -

1,545 players started on Day 1 B. Penn & Teller were introduced by Jeffrey Pollack to give the opening line of "Shuffle up and deal."

2005 Champion Joe Hachem, 1983 chanp Tom McEvoy, Berry Johnston (1986), 8 time bracelet winner Erik Seidel and Vicky Coren playing today.

Out today are John Juanda, Barny Boatman, Sam Farha, Simon 'Aces' Trumper, David Williams, Annie Duke, Jeff Lisandro. Kathy Liebert, Scott Fischman, Isabelle Mercier, Max Pescatori, Jennifer Harman, Erik Seidel, Roland de Wolfe.

Players left at the end of the day about 500.

Day 1B Chip Leaders
Dag Martin Mikkelsen 253,000 Scotty Nguyen 135,000
Gene Strickland 180,000 John Duthie 135,000
Sven-Anders Johnsson 176,000 Neil 'Bad Beat' Channing 65,000
Chris Viox 163,000 Donnacha O'Dea 40,000
Rep Porter 150,000 Vicky Coren 37,000

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Day 1C - 8th July 2007 -

1,743 players started on Day 1 C for a running total 4,575. The totals for the past six years are 2000: 2006: 8,773 2005: 5,619 2004: 2,576 2003: 839 2002: 631 2001: 613 2000: 512. This year will not continue the record breaking run due to the cancelation of direct entries from online poker sites.

Tournament director Jack Effel introduced by Jeffrey Pollack gave the opening line of "Shuffle up and deal."

For some reason today included many more recognised players than the previous two days, possibly thinking that this was the last of the 'day ones'. It was until the organisers added Day 1D!,

2003 World Champion Chris Moneymaker began the day at the ESPN camera covered table. Other top players playing today included Shannon Shorr, Phil Ivey, Men "The Master" Nguyen, Steve Dannenmann, Bill Gazes, Phil Laak, Greg Raymer, Humberto Brenes, John Gale, Allen Cunningham, and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Brad Daugherty (1991 champ), Robert Varkonyi (2002), Mike "The Mouth" Matusow and T.J. Cloutier. Also Jason Alexander, who played George Costanza in Seinfeld.

Out are Phil Laak, Phil Ivey, John Gale, Mike Matusow, Andy Bloch, Men "The Master" Nguyen, Jennifer Tilly, T.J. Cloutier, Kenna James

Day 1C Chip Leaders
Tom Bernard 220,000 Rolf Slotboom 79,000
Carl Olson 205,000 Allen Cunningham 60,000
Phillip Hilm 195,000 Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson 58,000
Daniel Alaei 190,000 Chris Moneymaker 50,000
Chuck Kelley 170,000 Ben Roberts 35,000

Reports : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1C Day 1D Day 2A&B Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Final Prize List
Anthony Holden's Blog : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1D Day 2 Day 4 Day 6 Final

Day 1D - 9th July 2007 -

1,783 players started on Day 1D for a grand total 6,358 players for the 2007 World Championship. Prizepool: $59,784,954. Paid places: 621 (9.77% of the field) Minimum Prize: $20,320. The number of Millionaires will be 5. The First Prize is $8,250,000.

Nolan Dalla introduced tournament director Jack Effel who in turn introduced ex-Senator Alfonse D’Amato, a representative of poker interests in Washington DC. He managed the ‘Shuffle up and deal!’ cry with gusto and got the crowd of players on their feet cheering and stamping.

Today we have playing Antonio Esfandiari, David Plastik, Cyndy Violette, Gus Hansen, world champion Jamie Gold, former champs Phil Hellmuth and Carlos ‘The Matador’ Mortensen, Chip Reese, Ted Forrest, Freddy Deeb, Layne Flack plus authors Michael Craig and Anthony Holden.

Phil Hellmuth had a little accident yesterday. Phil was driving an UltimateBet-themed race car around the Rio parking lot when he lost control and smashed into a concrete light fixture. This wrecked his plans as he had intended to drive up in his race car, emerge fully decked-out in racing gear, and stride through the Rio with 11 lovely ladies escorting him to his seat. Instead he showed up in a limo, met up with his phalanx of lovely ladies, and headed off to work.

650 players made it through the day. Out today are Freddy Deeb, Jamie Gold, Phil Hellmuth, Reese, Williamson III, Steve Zolotow, Cyndy Violette, David Benyamine, Paul Darden, Mike Craig, Anthony Holden.

Josh Evans 237,300 Ted Forrest 150,000
Kevin Kim 196,100 Carlos Mortensen 85,000
Jose Barbero 172,600 Paul "X-22" Magriel 57,000
Cyril Bensoussan 172,200 Daniel Negreanu 50,000
Gary Styczynski 169,200 Layne Flack 49,000

Reports : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1C Day 1D Day 2A&B Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Final Prize List
Anthony Holden's Blog : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1D Day 2 Day 4 Day 6 Final

Day 2A - 10th July 2007 -

1,037 starters today. ESPN Feature Table today and hence on their subsequent TV coverage, Scotty Nguyen, "Miami" John Cernuto.

Early on Hoyt Corkins was eliminated by Vicky Coren! The Princess moves on. Not long after Joe Hachem (2005 chanp) goes.Then straight away Jane Gold (2006 champ) goes. After 2 hours 820 players left. Dan Harrington gone, then Tony G, Barry Greenstein, Ross Boatman. 7 hours and 510 left. Soon John Cernuto goes, then Tom McEvoy (1983).

At midnight the day's play is over with 350 players remaining.

Day 2B - 11th July 2007 -

Day 1C & 1D have been combined and there are 1,303 starters today.

Vinnie Vinh had 30,000 chips at the last break on Day 1D but then disappeared. His chips were anted and blinded away until he was left with 3,200. Today he arrives supposedly with guards hired by his backers to make sure he turns up.

The only person with as few friends as Hellmuth, Phil Gordon, goes out immediately. After 1 hour down to 1,169.

Allen Cunningham goes after 2 hours, then Bill Gazes, Padraig Parkinson, Brad Daugherty (1991 champ). 4 hours and 810 players. Out goes Chris Moneymaker (2003 champ) although we still have Chris Ferguson, Carlos Mortensen and Robert Varkonyi, Huck Seed and Berry Johnston, all previous champs.

Ten hours in and 558 players left. Play ends just after midnight with 450 players left from day 2B. In total 797 players moving into Day 3 where the money starts. Names in blue are British and Irish. Crazy Gus Hansen leads the way, can he hold on?!

Gus Hansen 622,300 Paul Kersman (Manchester) 289,500
Hevad Khan 592,500 Huck Seed 280,500
Jeff Banghart 570,100 Willie Tann (Bovingdon) 279,700
Jeff Weiss 549,800 John Duthie (London) 278,400
Jon Monves 549,800 David Flusfeder (London) 265,800
Brent Sheirbon 549,300 Carlos Mortensen 260,000
Tuan Lam 538,500 Ted Forrest 255,000
Markus Gonsalves 512,400 David Wells (Kent) 242,100
Bradley Ellis 509,400 Berry Johnston 217,900
Robert Nehorayan 505,700 Darren Woods (Cleethorpes) 195,200
Richard Weisman 495,400 Paul Kemp (Milton Keynes) 193,400
Jac Arama (London) 302,800 Julian Gardner (Manchester) 190,600
Chris Ferguson 150,000 Robert Varkonyi 150,000

Reports : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1C Day 1D Day 2A&B Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Final Prize List
Anthony Holden's Blog : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1D Day 2 Day 4 Day 6 Final

Day 3 - 12th July 2007 -

So Day 3 starts with 797 players. Or does it? After an hour, the board show time, blind levels and the number of players left, indicates that there are 806 players playing. I guess their accounting went awry yesterday.

Early doors and Chris Ferguson is gone. When you get to see this on TV, whether ESPN or other, you'll be viewing the ESPN table of Seat 1: Andrew Grimason (Ireland) - 40,500 Seat 2: Ronald Kluber (Seoul, South Korea) - 194,600 Seat 3: Greg Treger (Falls Church, VA) - 63,500 Seat 4: Terry Jacobs (Hindman, KY) - 38,100 Seat 5: Gus Hansen (Monaco) - 622,300 Seat 6: Lee Biddulph (UK) - 112,500 Seat 7: Gavin Smith (Las Vegas, NV) - 87,700 Seat 8: Shannon Hudson (Glenwood Springs, CO) - 26,100 Seat 9: Carlos Mortensen (Las Vegas, NV) - 254,700

World Champions still in are Scotty Nguyen, Carlos Mortensen, Robert Varkonyi, Huck Seed and Berry Johnston

After getting down to 634 players the whole room went hand for hand. 70 tables hand for hand! Madness. This is bubble time as 621st place is in the money. So they are trying to avoid two people going out across the line. What it also means is that each hand is taking 8 minutes. Ted Forrest eliminated in 634th place and Scott Grey in 627th. John Sigan is the bubble boy.

Rolf Slotboom goes 554th. Then John Duthie gets all in with QQ against Gus Hansen. Gus hits the Ace.

Hand-for-hand took 2 hours and 15 hands to knock-out the last 13 players. Players than immediately loosen up and get down to 519 players in under an hour. Todd Brunson (459th $29,883) and Robert Mizrachi (357th $34,664) the only top players eliminated in this session. Prize money paid out already :- 621-550 $20,320, 549-478 $29,883, 477-352 $34,664.

At the end of the day 337 players remain to start Day 4.
Dario Minieri (Rome) 2,398,000 Julian Gardner (Manchester) 471,000
Jeff Weiss 1,533,000 David Wells (Kent) 388,000
Jon Kalmar 1,410,000 Neil Channing (London) 371,000
Hevad Khan 1,319,000 Jac Arama (London) 366,000
Kenny Tran 1,175,000 Raj Verma (England) 363,000
Steven Jacobs 1,127,000 Paul Kershaw (Manchester) 333,000
Brock Parker 1,089,000 Priyan De Mel (London) 285,000
Robert Neitrayan 1,058,000 David Flusfeder (London) 282,000
William Spadea 1,057,000 Lewis Pilkington (Sheffield) 277,000
Nicolas Atlan (France) 1,057,000 Tristan McDonald (London) 257,000
Gus Hansen (Monaco) 1,044,000 Adam Noone (London) 255,000
Huck Seed 544,000 Scotty Nguyen 321,000
Robert Varkonyi 424,000 Carlos Mortensen 284,000

Reports : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1C Day 1D Day 2A&B Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Final Prize List
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Day 4 - 13th July 2007 -

337 players start Day 4 including former world champions Berry Johnston ('86), Huckleberry Seed ('96), Scott Nguyen ('98), Carlos Mortensen ('01), and Robert Varkonyi ('02). Huck Seed announces at his table that he has to finish 50th or better to break even for this years World Series. That means he is currently down $190,000 and that doesn't include a $50K last longer bet with Robert Williamson III which he won easily.

Things got away to a fast start with 39 players disappearing in the first 50 minutes including the likes of Hasan Habib 329th, David Flusfeder (Daily Telegraph) 322th, Hans Lund 320th and Mimi Tran 318th, all collecting $39,445.

After an hour Ireland's Donnocha O'Dea gets all in with AA against SpiderMan, or Tobey Maguire, and doubles up. Shortly after MAguire is out.

At 2:15 there are 261 players including all five champs that started the day and five woman players and then fifteen minutes later there were 4. At 3 o'clock, backgammon whizz and bracelet winner Jason Lester bows out 229th. Soon after both Mortenson and Johnstone get all in and double up. Still five champs left in. Jacues Arama goes out 271st for $45,422.

At 4 o'clock Mortenson loses Jacks vs. Queens and is out but Varkonyi manages a double up to stay alive, down to four champs. Just before 6 o'clock Varkonyi is short on chips and moves in with A5 to see AQ which makes a straight. Down to three. Just after this Donnacha O'Dea goes out with the same hand against 7-7.

153 survivors make the dinner break at 7:30. At 10:30 still 140 players with an average chip stack of 900,000 and it's Level 18. The blinds are 6,000 and 12,000 with a 2,000 ante. 15 minutes later Neil "Bad Beat" Channing got all in with Queens only to see Aces and board did not help. Out in 130th with $58,570.

Just before the finish, at 15 minutes past midnight Berry Johnston is eliminated. Play stops at 00:41 with 112 players left.

Dag Martin Mikkelsen (Norway ) 3,740,000 Julian Gardner (Manchester) 1,777,000
Charis Anastasiou (Cyprus) 2,672,000 Cory Carroll (UK) 1,415,000
Richard Harris (Wales) 2,662,000 Willie Tann (London) 912,000
Avi Cohen 2,392,000 David Wells (Kent) 684,000
Jeff Tunkel 2,323,000 Paul Kershaw (England) 654,000
Alex Kravchenko (Moscow) 2,274,000 Gus Hansen (Monaco) 1,604,000
Hevad Khan 2,200,000 Huck Seed 1,546,000
Ryan Elson 2,137,000 Scotty Nguyen 1,175,000

Reports : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1C Day 1D Day 2A&B Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Final Prize List
Anthony Holden's Blog : Day 1A Day 1B Day 1D Day 2 Day 4 Day 6 Final

Day 5 - 14th July 2007 -

112 players begin Day 5, 6 Brits, 1 woman and two previous champions, Scotty Nguyen and Huck Seed. Both Seen and Scotty have four bracelets each. The blinds are 10,000 and 20,000 with a 3,000 ante. There is still some joking going around about Dario Minieri who looks like he is seventeen but has some I.D. to say he is 21!?

Early on Avi Cohen hits runner-runner for a back door flush and takes a pot of 4.7million, making him the new chip leader. At 1.45 Dario Minieri (the under-age player) bet a million on a flush draw only to be called by trip 3s. No spade and the young pretender is out. Immediately after this Gus Hansen saw a flop of AAQ with his A2 and managed to get his opponent to go all-in against him. Trouble was Jason Koshi had AK and no help for Hansen means he is down to a few stacks.

With a few chips left Cory Carroll got an all-in bet with A-7 called by Aces and no help saw one of the Brits out in 91st winning $67,535. Down to five. Blind level now 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000 ante, this costs players 63,000 just to play one round. Average stack is 1.4 million.

At 3.30 David Wells, from Kent, moved all-in with A-10 and Markus Gonsalves called with Kings. 9-5-5-Q-T and another Brit goes back east finishing in 85th for $82,476. Just after 4 o'clock Humberto Brenes seemed to trick his way into getting all-in with A-K hearts but Hevad Khan had Aces and the Costa Rican is out 83rd for $82,476. After 5 o'clock Willie Tann was eliminated in 77th place for $106,382. Three Brits left.

At five thirty the dream of Huck Seed, not only of winning but getting back the $190k he is down for the series, came to an end. Out in 73rd for $106,382. Just before 7 o'clock Julian Gardner bets a million on a board of 9-3-4-K-5 wuth his K-T but William Spadea had A-K and another Brit goes home, this time in 64th place receiving $130,288.

The stars are flying out of the windows, if there were any that is. Gus Hansen gets it all-in with A-K against the J-J of Ryan Elson and no help sees him gone in 61st place for $154,194.

At nine o'clock the players start their two-hour dinner break. The yellow 1,000 chips disappear and the 50,000 chips come onto the tables. After dinner, stalwart of the World Series, John Spadavecchia, goes out when his A-T is beaten by the K-J of Tom Peterson making two pairs. Shortly after welshman Richard Harris found his opponent Lee Childs had Aces and goes out in 54th place to receive $190,053. Just before that Paul Kershaw bets 1.3 million all-in on a flush draw against Scotty Nguyen. When the flush fails to materialise Scotty Nguyen asks him if he thought he was playing with 'a kid'. Out 55th for $154,194. No Brits left.

Just after one in the morning the last woman Maria Ho goes out in 38th place for $237,865. Then just after 2 in the morning play finishes with 36 players left. Scotty Nguyen is the last known player left and has 1,960,000 in chips.

Correction! John Kalmar is from Chorley, United Kingdom! And is still in this.
David Tran 10,280,000 Kenny Tran 4,955,000
Philip Hilm 9,950,000 William Spadea 4,575,000
Ray Henson 8,250,000 Tuan Lam (Canada) 3,600,000
Hevad Khan 7,585,000 Lee Watkinson 3,500,000
Kevin Farry 7,400,000 Stefan Mattsson (Stockholm) 3,260,000
Scott Freeman 7,360,000 Raymond Rahme (Johannesburg) 3,100,000
Lee Childs 6,520,000 Ron Kluber (Seoul) 3,070,000
Jerry Yang 5,090,000 John Kalmar 2,665,000

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Day 6 - 15th July 2007 -

The day starts with 36 players trying to snag one of the nine places at the final table. Everyone out today will pick up a decent chunk of cash, unless they are American when Uncle Sam will steal 30%. Places paid today 10-12 - $476,926 13-15 - $429,114 16-18 - $381,302 19-27 - $333,490 28-36 - $285,678.

Scotty Nguyen is the only star player and previous winner left in the championship. So far he has cashed 5 times in the series for $185,000. John Kalmar is the British representative with 2,665,000 in chips.

Just after noon the cards fly. The blinds are 30,000 and 60,000 with a 10,000 ante. The average chip stack is 3.5 million.

The very first hand saw three way all-in. Robin Bergren with T-6, Allan King with Q-Q and Roy Winston with A-K. The cards fell A-T-4-A-K for a full house and two people out in a flash, both picking up $285,678. Next hand Hoa Nguyen is out with 5-5 against A-9 of Lee Childs. At 1:30 Bill Edler bet 2 million with his J-9 on a flop of 5-3-2.Peter Darvill called all-in with 7-7 and went on his way when a nine of clubs rivered. 31st spot earns him $285,678.

After Paulo Loureiro is eliminated in 28th place at 3 o'clock another redraw for seats takes place so that 4 tables can move down to three. Scotty Nguyen is up to 4 million in chips. Jeff Bryan decides its all-in time with J-T and sees Philip Hilm with A-K. Cards come Q-7-7 but then a T. And then a Jack hes come in 27th for $333,490.

4.20. After several losing pots Roy Winston found Queens but ran into Jerry Yang with A-K, which has been doing very well in this years event. First card Ace and Winston is out 26th for $333,490.

Good news, Philip Hilm, although from Denmark, lives in Cambridge and so is honary representative for the UK along with John Kalmar of Chorley. 4.45 and desperate Bill Edler tries his all-in luck with 9-T but comes up against the hand of the day, A-K of Jerry Yang, which hits an Ace. 23rd place pays $333,490. Leading chips at this time : William Spadea - 12,115,000 Lee Childs - 11,195,000 Ray Henson - 10,865,000 Philip Hilm - 9,985,000 Jerry Yang - 8,615,000.

Just before 6pm Scott Freeman gets all-in with his pair of Tens and comes up against, you guessed it, A-K, which this time hits two pair for victory! 18 players left and another redraw for the two table finish. At 6.40 Tuan Lam wins over 10 million in one pot with a spade flush. Just after Scotty Nguyen doubles through Philip Hilm and is up to 5.5 million.

Finally! John Armbrust moves all-in with over 5 million and shows A-K of spades. Lee Childs has Q spades - Ace clubs. Four clubs hit the table and Armbrust is out 18th for $381,302. A-K gets its old reputation back. Dinner break from 7.30 until 9pm.

At 9pm. ESPN's Featured Table Seat 1 - Tuan Lam - 14,945,000 Seat 2 - Seat 3 - Ray Henson - 10,375,000 Seat 4 - Scotty Nguyen - 5,960,000 Seat 5 - Bob Slezak - 3,560,000 Seat 6 - Philip Hilm - 8,590,000 Seat 7 - Raymond Rahme - 6,115,000 Seat 8 - David Tran - 4,475,000 Seat 9 - Lee Childs - 16,535,000 Bluff's Featured Table (Outer Table) Seat 1 - Jon Kalmar - 9,680,000 Seat 2 - Lee Watkinson - 12,975,000 Seat 3 - Steven Garfinkle - 4,670,000 Seat 4 - Billy Spadea - 3,725,000 Seat 5 - Jerry Yang - 8,165,000 Seat 6 - Hevad 'Rain' Khan - 4,730,000 Seat 7 - Alex Kravchenko - 2,130,000 Seat 8 - Kenny Tran - 9,130,000 Seat 9 - Kevin Farry - 1,625,000

Straight after dinner Alex Kravchenko triples up with a pair of tens and takes out Kevin Farry in 17th. At 9.30 Kenny Tran thinks for ages and with 4 seconds before being timed out calls all-in only to see that Brit Jon Kalmar has rivered a flush and now moves up to 17 million chips. Tran out 16th. Soon after Bob Slezak's pair of fours runs into Raymond Rahme's pair of sevens and gets no help. Out 15th for $429,114.

Things really slow down and its not until 11pm that David Tran's sixes ran into our old chum A-K held by Tuan Lam. An Ace once again and Tran is 14th for $429,114. Minutes later William Spadea lost with A-K against Aces and was 13th, another $429,114. At 11.30 sparring between Ray Henson and Scotty Nguyen gets a pot going. On the flop of K-6-6 Henson moves all-in with 9-9 and is insta-called, Nguyen showing K-Q. Nguyen doubles up to 15 million and Henson is out 12th for $476,926. More slow play into the early hours, its a tradition on the penultimate day.

1a.m.. Turning point? Lam bets 1 million, Nguyen raises to 3.5 million on a board of K-5-4-K-J. Lam thinks and calls. Nguyen shows 4-3 and Lam takes an 8 million pot with T-T. Then minutes later Nguyen sees a flop of Q-6-5 with his A-Q and bets 600,000. Hilm calls. The turn is a king, Nguyen checks, Hilm bets 1.2 million, Nguyen moves all in, Hilm calls in a flash and turns over 5-5. Nguyen down to 2.3 million and Hilm up to 16 million. Ten minutes later Nguyen moves all-in again against Hilm with a flush draw which doesn't arrive and Nguyen is out 11th for $476,926.

At 2 a.m. the final 10 player table starts to try and eliminate one more before the final day. After more than an hour Alex Kravchenko survives an all-in and doubles up through Philip Hilm. He moves up to 7.5 million. Finally, 36 hands and 135 minutes of play into the final table, at 4.14 a.m., Steven Garfinkle gets it in with A-3 but Raymond Rahme's pair of Queens hits another one on the flop and its all over for today. 10th place is worth $476,926.
There is now a day of rest and the final begins on Tuesday 17th July.

  Final Table Chips  
Phillip Hilm (Cambridge, UK (orig. Denmark)) 22,070,000
Tuan Lam (Kitchener, ON, Canada) 21,315,000
John Kalmar (Chorley, United Kingdom) 20,320,000
Raymond Rahme (Johannesburg, South Africa) 16,320,000
Lee Childs (Reston, VA, USA) 13,240,000
Lee Watkinson (Long Branch, WA, USA) 9,925,000
Hevad Khan (Ploughkeepsie, NY, USA) 9,205,000
Jerry Yang (Temecula, CA, USA) 8,450,000
Alex Kravchenko (Moscow) 6,570,000

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Day 7 The Final - 17th July 2007 -

The Final Nine players in the 2007 World Championship are, with seats and chips;
1) Jon Kalmar - 20.32m 2) Lee Childs - 13.24m 3) Philip Hilm - 22.07m 4) Jerry Yang - 8.45m 5) Raymond Rahme - 16.32m 6) Tuan Lam - 21.315m 7) Alex Kravchenko - 6.57m 8) Lee Watkinson - 9.925m 9) Hevad "Rain" Khan - 9.205m

Countries represented are USA, Denmark, England, Russia, Canada and South Africa.
Jon Kalmar is a 34-year-old professional poker player, who plays mostly in clubs located in the north and the Midlands region of England.
Lee Childs is a 35-year-old aspiring poker professional from suburban Washington, DC.
Philip Hilm is the chip leader coming into the final table of the 2007 World Series of Poker. He is a 31-year-old online poker pro. Hilm is a native of Denmark, but currently lives in England.
Jerry Yang is a 39-year-old psychologist and social worker from southern California.
Raymond Rahme is the first person ever to appear at the final table of the main event from the continent of Africa. At age 62, he is also the senior participant at the final table.
Tuan Lam was born in Vietnam. He eventually immigrated to Canada at the age of 19. He now lives in the Toronto area where he plays poker professionally. He is 41.
Alex Kravchenko is a 36-year-old Moscow businessman originally from Archangel, USSR.
Lee Watkinson is a 40-year-old poker pro, businessman, and animal rights activist from Cheney, WA.

Play starts after announcements to the crowded Amazon room final table arena.

Exit 1 : Jerry Yang raised to 1m and Hilm called in the small blind. Flop Kd - Jd - 5c. Hilm checked, Yang made a 2m bet, call. Then 2h and Yang bets 4m, Hilm all-in!! Yang called. Yang has Ace-King, Hilm 8d - 5d for a pair an dflush draw!. River nothing and Hilm is out ($525,934), Yang over 45m in chips.

Exit 2 : Jerry Yang raised to 1m and Lee Watkinson moved all in for 9m after 5 mins thinking 9 million in chips. Yang A-9, Watkinson A-7!!! What are these people doing?! Cards fall 2c - 6d - 4h, Kd, Js. Lee Watkinson out 8th, $585, 699. Yang up to 55 million.

Exit 3 : A few hands later, Lee Childs raised from the small blind to 720k and Jerry Yang shoved in a big stack from the big blind. Lee Childs thinks for ages and then calls with Kh - Jc ?? Yang has Js - 8s. Cards come 4d - 4c - 6c, 8c, 9d. A pair for Yang, Childs out 7th ($705,229) and Yang up over 60m.

Exit 4 : Jerry Yang raised to 1.5m, Hevad Khan reraised to 6m, leaving himself 3m, and Yang called. Before the cards are dealt Khan moves all-in holding As - Qs. Flop comes Kc - 4c - 2d. Yang thinks and then calls Jh - Js. Nothing for Rain Khan and he is out in 6th place ($956,243).

Exit 5 : Jon Kalmar was all-in preflop, Raymond Rahme raises all-in as well. Raymond Rahme has J - J and Kalmer A - K. Nothing comes for Kalmer and the last Brit is out in 5th for $1,255,069.

Chip positions now Jerry Yang - 70m, Raymond Rahme - 30m, Tuan Lam - 18m, Alex Kravchenko - 10m. At 11 p.m. things have changed somewhat to Raymond Rahme - 36.5m, Alex Kravchenko - 20.3m, Jerry Yang - 41.5, Tuan Lam - 29m. Its all very close.

Exit 6 : Alex Kravchenko gets all-in with A - K and Yang call with 8 - 8. Yang flops a set and gets rid of Alex Kravchenko in 4th place for $1,852,721. Yang back up to 67m chips. Raymond Rahme has 36m, and Tuan Lam is sitting in 3rd place with 24m.

Exit 7 : Jerry Yang opens from the button with 2.6m and Raymond Rahne reraised to 8.6m, Yang called. Rahme checks after Ad - Jh - 8h flops. Yang bets 10m and Rahme goes all-in. Lots of thinking and walking around and then Rahme starts talking to Yang and Yang calls with As - 5s. Rahme has Kh - Ks and nothing helps him. Rahme out 3rd for $3,048,025. Jerry Yang makes it 6 bust-outs in a row.

Exit 8 : After 3 in the morning, Jerry Yang raised to 2.5 million and Tuan Lam immediately declares 'all-in'. Much thinking and Yang calls. Tuan Lam had Ad - Qd and Jerry Yang had his favourite 8c - 8d. The flop is Qc - 9c - 5s. The turn is the 7d and then you guessed it, the river is the 6h to make Jerry Yang a gutshot straight!!!!!!!!!! Yang won $8.25 million while Lam took home $4,840,981.
World Champion - Jerry Yang
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