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5 Simple Hacks to Win in Indian Rummy

Indian rummy is one of the most played games in not just India but also in other parts of Southern Asia. The game is especially popular in southern parts of India. Also, a few online casinos in India added Indian Rummy to their game portfolio. The game is often considered as one of the most inevitable games during certain festivals and family get-togethers. With its popularity, the game also known as 13 card rummy has moved to online platforms making more and more people play, enjoy and win real cash prizes.

As with every other game, only the skilled players can be winners. But some simple hacks or strategies can give an edge even over an advanced player of rummy game. In this article, we will be talking about such 5 hacks you can use in online rummy games to win more games than ever.

Know your Opponent
Knowing your opponents is one of the first things you should do after joining a table. You can do that my clicking on the avatar of your opponent which will pop up details of his experience playing on free as well as cash tables. Most rummy websites also rank players according to the number of games played and win which will help you analyze your opponents’ expertise and skill level. Once you have done this, it will be easier for you to decide whether to play a hand or not if you are not getting good hands. If your opponents are weak, you can decide to play on else you can drop out of the game to save points.

Choose your Perfect Game Type
The game type you choose can decide your fate. If you are an amateur and don’t have experience playing high stakes games, it’s better not to play as experience players can win a game in 2 to 3 moves. Also, choose yourself a rummy variant like Pool, Points or Deals and practice more on any of these variations to improve your skills for that certain game type. The more you play, the easier it will be for you to strategize a plan for bigger tables and tournaments.

Know your Limits
It’s a common trait for new players to jump from free tables to big cash tables once they have made a deposit. Even if you have made a deposit, have a limit on your spending and first join cash tables with lower entry fees. This will not just improve your expertise handling pressure situations playing cash rummy games but also will help you to keep a track on your bankroll. Once you are confident of winning smaller tables, you can jump to bigger tables one by one to win bigger prizes.

Bluff Sometimes
As a skill game, it’s hard to bluff in online rummy. But in some situations, the advanced players use the Bluff strategy by discarding cards which will make the opponent think he is not making melds which are related to the discarded card. This technique is often used in online rummy games and can only be attained if you are missing a card between a sequence you can create. For example, if you are having 8,10 and J, you can discard 8 or J for a possibility of getting 7,9 or Q from your opponent.

Use Discards Section
Online rummy unlike traditional rummy is feature filled and it makes playing the game and winning easier than ever. Most advanced players of Indian rummy are very well aware of the top features and they take advantage of them to gain a win. One such top feature of online rummy is the Discard Section. The Discard Section allows a player to know about all the cards discarded by him and his opponents. This also can help a player to guess what melds his opponents are trying to make. The more you use this feature, the better you will get in guessing the hands of your opponent.
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