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Wall Street (1988)
Wall Street

In Wall Street Michael Douglas perfectly embodies the Reagan-era credo that "greed is good" and won an Oscar for his efforts. As a Donald Trump-like Wall Street raider aptly named Gordon Gecko (for his reptilian ability to attack corporate targets and swallow them whole), Douglas found a role tailor-made to his skill in portraying heartless men who've sacrificed humanity to power.

Charlie Sheen turns in the finest performance of his career and really brings out the pathos in the naive and young Budd Fox, trapped in the dark business that is sales. Before he knows it, he has become exactly what he set out to be, with all the baggage attatched. Douglas is also fantastic as the inspirational and ultimately repulsive Gekko, and the list of lackies and struggling salesmen as the scum and losers of this morality tale deliver with panache. How far would you go? How much is too much?

Charlie Sheen's turbulent encounter with Gekko, which helped Bud Fox to find his character and, in a way, redeem himself. So in some strange way, the movie is a Wall-Street-version of age-old story of Faust.

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Great film. Nothing wrong with this movie. As for the gambling aspect, well all trading is gambling. There is no such thing as investment - that's just a con that finance markets have gotten away with for centuries. This is how you take advantage of a good situation without the need for ethics.
Marks 10/10  
Director ~ Oliver Stone Main Cast Charlie Sheen ~ Bud Fox
Writer ~ Stanley Weiser   Michael Douglas ~ Gordon Gekko
Production   20th C Fox   Martin Sheen ~ Carl Fox
Runtime   126 mins   John C. McGinley ~ Marvin
Cert.   UK 15   Daryl Hannah ~ Darien Taylor
Release   1988        
Quotes "Greed is Good"
  "What's worth doing is worth doing for money"
  "Lunch is for Wimps"
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