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The Runner
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Film Title ~ The Runner (1999)


Unsettling story of a loser addicted to gambling who is hired as a runner by a sadistic man well aware that his new hire will never be able to follow a single rule: no gambling..

Ron Eldard does a patchy job as Edward Carrington, making his character believable when the gambling fever takes over but not as a living human. The problem with this film is casting, acting and directing.

John Goodman is good but no one is playing against him and his character descends into a thug from earlier being a fast witted Sports bet arbitrager. Courtney Cox looks good but has nothing to do except have a baby. Joe Montagna (Homicide & House Of Games) was what made me think this film would be good. He dies an early locked in car, dog bites him to death. As you do!?

There was a chance for so much more in this film. Some will like the shear 'money is all' overtone.

Vegas and gambling have never looked less glamorous.

Marks 5/10    
Director ~ Ron Moler Main Cast Ron Eldard ~ Edward Harrington
Writer ~ Dustin Abraham   Courtney Cox ~ Karina
Production   Aspect Ratio   John Goodman ~ Deepthroat
Runtime   95 mins   Joe Montegna ~ Rocco
Cert.   UK 18   Bokeem Woodbine ~ 477


"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

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