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The Music Of Chance (1993)
'The Music of Chance' chronicles one man's search (Mandy Patinkin plays Jim Nash) for himself, as he quits his job, loads his car and heads cross country. That his path crosses that of Jack Pozzi (James Spader) a drifter, card-sharp, down on his luck today, but eye's on the 'big score' ahead, is not exactly unpredictable. What they encounter as a result is indeed surprising, as well as strenuous.

The first scene in the movie Pozzi is staggering along the highway, having been beaten bloody, when he is picked up by Nashe. Pozzi tells Nashe he needs $10,000 to play a couple of "chump millionaires", Bill Flower (Charles Durning) and Willie Stone (Joel Grey) whom he had met in a game in Atlantic City, who have invited him to their mansion for a 3-handed game of 7 card stud.

Nashe, who has been roaming for a year on an inheritance, is running low on money, and offers to go partners with Pozzi, putting up the 10 grand. The rest of the movie is the game and what happens to Nashe and Pozzi afterward as a result.
This is a film that defies categorization. It starts off seemingly as a film about high stakes poker players and evolves into something decidedly and deliciously different. James Spader plays something other than his usual blonde pretty boy types and Mandy Patinkin shines. If you are fed up with movies with plots you can easily second guess then 'The Music Of Chance' is for you.
I really found myself struggling to draw any conclusions from what I saw.

The director Haas must have forgot that the audience might not have read the novel which apparently reveals the true message. If you want something odd try this. I give it 7/10 but many will hate it and others will love the shear non Hollywoodness of it. Unusual.
Marks : 7/10
Director Philip Haas James Spader Jack Pozzi
Writing Paul Auster Mandy Patinkin Jim Nashe
Cinematography Bernard Zitzermann M. Emmet Walsh Calvin Murks
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