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Showgirls (1995)
Every film critic in the world seemed to suddenly develop a "If-you-don't-like-it-here-then-go-live-in-Russia" attitude when reporting on this film. While some moralists will never be able to come to terms with it, I think the film will be vindicated eventually.

What they all seemed to be upset about was the immorality. Please! This is set in Las Vegas and is about as accurate as you can get, even if a little melodramatic and condensed.

The story is simple but so is that town. Its a girl trying to get up the ladder theme and there is a lot of sex and drugs. Kyle MacLachlan co-stars and performs the sharp producer role well.

This is a side of Vegas for the small percentage of people who are geared up for the fast life and can indulge themselves in the capital of sin. Even those people who didn't like this movie for technical acting reasons can't stop watching it because its well shot and there are some nice bodies to look at!

DVD Zone 1 Zone 2
Video NTSC Video PAL VHS
Good marks because it is gorgeously shot, well-paced and well-plotted.
Marks : 7/10
Director Paul Verhoeven Elizabeth Berkley Nomi Malone
Producer Charles Evans (III) Kyle MacLachlan Zack Carey
Writing Joe Eszterhas Gina Gershon Cristal Connors
Production MGM Glenn Plummer James Smith
Cert./Runtime 128 mins Robert Davi Al Torres
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