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Pasty Faces (2000)
The UK release was May 2001.
MARCH 2001
The title is the name given to casino people who rarely see the light of day.

The Story
Mickey and Joe are a couple of out of work actors who leave Glasgow for Tinsel Town. Their actor friends there have told them they are contracted to a studio,(Steve and Bobby) and they boast about their pad in the Hollywood Hills. When Mickey and Joe arrive in Los Angeles they discover their friends have not told them the whole truth. They are contracted to a Hollywood studio, but as floor cleaners, not actors. The pad in the Hollywood Hills turns out to be a disused helicopter pad, with a parked battered bus on it that they live in.

Mickey and Joe find that they can't get work in Scottish themed no hope projects like Braveheart 2, because they don't have stereotypical orange hair, they look like they walked off the set of the Sopranos. After a few days they all decide to fix up the bus and head for Las Vegas to enter an annual card game. On the journey there they get caught up in a gas station stick up by a misfit Scot (Jackie), and get mistaken for Polish and Russians because of their indefinable accents. A speak and spell machine comes in handy.

When they arrive in Las Vegas they find out the card game has been changed to Atlantic city this year, so they play the tables and lose all their money within five minutes. They blend in well with the Pasty faced locals in the casino's, and get spotted by a local ganglords gofer. He makes them an offer they find hard to refuse because they are broke. He wants them to rob a hotel/casino, they agree, but they later find out that it is one of the biggest casino's on the Las Vegas strip!
How the film got made
In February 98 David Paul Baker wrote a play and staged it at his local arts centre with the help of his mother, who until the was a house wife with no experience in the business. It was an acting showcase that cost a couple of thousand pounds. David decided that the only way to "make it" would be to turn it into a film. He had no personal savings or finances, but got a thousand pound grant for stationary, a fax machine, and set up as a limited company, it was the spark.

Over the next two years David and his Mother and Sister would take risks and take the biggest gamble of their lives trying to get the movie off the ground. David's Sister (Julie) had worked 9 to 5 retail job since she left school, but she got such a buzz after helping back stage during the play that she asked David if she could be involved with getting a movie off the ground. Over the next two years they would raise private investment from friends and family to shoot a promo trailer in the states, then they started to shoot a feature totally financed by credit cards. They ran out of finance half way through the shoot, so David and Julie travelled around the world to try and secure the rest of the finance.

After a lot of struggles they secured a deal to completely remake the film. The deal was made with three London film Companies and private investors. Victor Film Company (The Krays) Noel Gay Motion Picture (Hellraiser, Trainspotting) Metrodome Distribution ( Human Traffic) and Angad Paul, Executive Producer of 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch". David wrote, directed and could play one of the leads in Pasty Faces. Julie was his assistant on the film and his Mother overseen a documentary that they had been shooting from the very start. Pasty Faces went into production February 2000. It was shot between Scotland, L.A and Las Vegas. The UK release is scheduled for April 2001.
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