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Let It Ride (1989)

He drinks. He smokes. He gambles. He curses. He thinks about committing adultery. You'll love him. - As tag lines go thats pretty dam good.

Richard Dreyfuss is perfect as the seedy, degenerate gambler, Jack Trotter who is blessed (or cursed) with one day where nothing can go wrong. The supporting characters are great and especially memorable is the sensational Jennifer Tilly as Vicki the "football salesman" (fans of the movie will know what I mean!). Robbie Coltrane almost steals the show as the ticket seller.

Go to the racetrack for a day, and you'll see every one of the characters portrayed in this movie, from Cheeseburger, the Hawaiian shirted gambler who knows nothing about handicapping and bets inside tips, to the bookie Lufkin, there collecting money from deadbeats and doctors alike. Based on the book "Good Vibes", this is a non-stop, always entertaining comedy that gives every track goer the incentive to try it one more time.

This is a real time film, everything happens one day in the life of a gambler who shows every trait of a track side junkie that has ever been noted. This film is almost English in its realism which probably led to its poor showing at the US box office.
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Filmed in 1989 but timeless, this is one of those movies that you actually buy because you know you will watch it over and over again.

This is one of the all time most underrated films. It is a little film , but rarely do you see so many wonderfully funny characters in a comedy.
Marks : 8½/10
Director Joe Pytka Jay Trotter Richard Dreyfuss
Producer Richard Stenta Pam Teri Garr
Writing Jay Cronley / Nancy Dowd Ticket Seller Robbie Coltrane
Production Paramount Pictures [us] Marty Edward Walsh
Cert./Runtime 15 / 87 mins Johnny Casino Richard Edson
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