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The Honeymoon Machine (1961)
Steve McQueen is still admired today. Like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean his talent has been recognized well beyond his years on the big screen. I grew up while he was alive and always loved his movies. He was excellent in a several dramas including "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Great Escape", but not many people have seen his comedic side. "The Honeymoon Machine" is probably his best role that showed his ability to do comedy. The support cast with stars like Jim Hutton, Paula Prentiss, and Dean Jagger is great. Richard Thorpe does an excellent job of directing

When Lt. Howard, played by McQueen, plots a method to beat the casino using the Navies ship computer, things get interesting. Two other seamen join him in his plan to outwit the casino and when their girlfriends get caught up in the scheme, things get very funny. When McQueen's girlfriend that is an Admirals daughter tries to find out what is going on things get crazy. Then the Admiral thinks there is a subversive plot against the Navy, and the plan really goes haywire. This is a screwball comedy that the whole family can enjoy. Fans of movies like "The Wackiest Ship in the Army" and "Operation Petticoat" should love it. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys old or new comedies

Funny but dated. If you enjoy 60's or even 70's comedy then you will enjoy this one.

Marks : 8/10
Director Richard Thorpe (I) Steve McQueen Lt. Fergie Howard
Writing Lorenzo Semple Jr. Brigid Bazlen Julie Fitch
Cinematography Joseph LaShelle Paula Prentiss Pam Dunstan
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