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Fever Pitch(1985)
This film started with good intentions. Ryan O'Neal turns in a patchy performance as a reporter who goes undercover in the world of gambling but ends up becoming addicted to it as well.

The problem is not his character, which is suitably flawed and weak. Its all the other cartoon sterotypes that litter the screen in abundance. The nonsensical involvement of his daughter, wife and newspaper bankrolling editor are evidence of poor script and directing without any hope that the real story would hold the film together.

O'Neal is the only saviour, sometimes showing us a believable adict hopelessly drowning in his own guilt punishment. Other times he shows he can't act a serious role.
It was a try at least. The link between journalist, information and money perverting the course of sports events hadn't been too deeply looked at before this. Its not too deep here either.
The film is no longer on video. It was last distributed by Key Video (CBS/FOX sister label) after the film was disowned by MGM/UA. The Amazon price is $80!!! But there are many copies on Amazon from second hand resellers at just a few dollars. Add to your collection cheaply.
Marks : 4/10
Director Richard Brooks Ryan O'Neal Taggart
Writing Richard Brooks Catherine Hicks Flo
Cinematography William A. Fraker John Saxon Sports editor
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