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Boiler Room (2000)

Wall Street for the year 2000? Well yes, and more. Its all about greed and the old adage, 'where there's a way, there's ten people doin' it'.

The story is written and directed by Ben Younger. Its a modern sharp style with an overlay of commentary from the lead role at the points where you need knowledge of trader-speak. It centres on the lead and guiding character, Seth, played by Giovanni Ribisi, a college dropout who has taken to running a Blackjack game in his house as a business. When cash flashing Gregg the trader walks in, he gets sucked into the ceedier side of stock trading with a cowboy outfit making telephone number pay-checks.

There are side plots of family woes and love interests but the major shaft of light falls on the weakness of humans. How ordinary god fearing, children loving men take their savings and give them to people on the basis of a ten minute 'cold call'. Not believable? Trust me, its the way the world works.

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An enjoyable cameo with screen by Ben Affleck adds colour as the pep talking, no bullshit sales manager. This is a very decent movie that didn't earn enough coverage when released. By the cinema I was in, it must have fallen short of its potential money earnings. Rather ironic, at least a few cold calls would have got people out of bed just to hear the hardcore rap soundtrack.
Marks 7½/10  
Director ~ Ben Younger Main Cast Giovanni Ribisi ~ Seth
Writer ~ Ben Younger   Nia Long ~ Abby
Production   New Line Cinema   Ben Affleck ~ Jim Young
Runtime   119mins   Vin Diesel ~ Chris
Cert.   UK 15   Nicky Katt ~ Greg
Release   2000        
Quotes "Never pitch the bitch"
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