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Film Title ~ A Big Hand for the Little Lady (1966)


A Poker hand played wellThere are only a few poker movies because there are only a few themes that you can build them around. Here we see the maximum gained from the simplest idea.

We can't really say too much about this film because it would be giving away the ending. However, be assured that the cast perform very admirably and this is fun for all people, not just gamblers.

Basically a family rolls into town and the man of the group thinks he can play a little poker with the town folk in the back room of the saloon. He gets in deep and that's where the fun starts.

His wife and his whole family get involved with the game and the stress builds so much that it makes the man unwell so his wife takes over. Watch and see the rest.

The score for non-gamblers 8/10.

This has now been released in Zone 1 & 2 as a DVD.

Marks 8½/10

Director ~ Fielder Cook Main Cast Henry Fonda ~ Meredith
Writer ~ Sidney Carroll   Joanne Woodward ~ Mary
Production   Warner Bros.   Jason Robards ~ Henry Drummond
Runtime   95 mins   Paul Ford ~ C.P. Ballinger
Cert.   UK 12   Burgess Meredith ~ Doc Scully
Release   1966   Charles Bickford   Benson Tropp



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