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Atlantic City (1980)
Dreams. Becoming an Atlantic City croupier will help Sally realize her dream of going to Monte Carlo, a symbol of the glamorous life that has been evading her since escaping from Saskatchewan a decade ago. Lou dreams that he was a great mobster in the old days. Grace came to Atlantic City for a Betty Grable look-alike contest and stayed to become the wife of a mobster.

Ideas that the director wanted to give. The first one does die a horrible death with a French accent on the croupier instructor. Lancaster's deranged lover is also pathetic. The drug dealer revenge killing is silly.

However. Burt Lancasters's performance is brilliant. Maybe because you think of his (Burt) past in films rather than the character but it is good under any light.

Is Atlantic City really that ceedy? It was then and it is now but its just a metaphor to allow Burt to do his job.
OK, lets not dwell on the the silly bits. For the time this film was made, the washed up model and croupier dream thing was OK. The old crook living through a final re-berth fantasy with Lancaster showing us that he really knows what he is doing is what is important.
The gambling aspect of this film is of no importance but it is scenic and of the time. Good atmospheric recall of the city in the 1980 era.

Its a really good film because of the Lancaster performance only. Noir 7/10
Marks : 7/10
Director Louis Malle Burt Lancaster Lou
Writing John Guare Susan Sarandon Sally
Cinematography Richard Ciupka Hollis McLaren Chrissie
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