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Pay by Phone Bill to Your Online Casino 

Alongside the increasing prominence of mobile casinos, there has been more and more concern about data security and privacy. The number of high-profile data breaches in the last year was nothing short of historic – and shocking. Big-name retailers in particular were caught with their cyber security pants down. The biggest shock was that one major telecoms supplier, TalkTalk, fell victim to three cyber-attacks in one year, compromising the security of millions of their customers with resulting issues that could last for years for the individuals.

While it is their job to protect sensitive customer data, no IT team can prepare for all the attacks that come their way, either in terms of volume or of new type. Malicious actors are endlessly clever; it seems, in devising new ways to steal data.

When it comes to online casinos there has been much less in the way of news about data breaches but this doesn't mean they haven't been subject to the use of stolen card details to fund accounts. One classic method used by the criminals is to open two separate accounts. One account is attached to the legitimate card, while the other is attached to the stolen card. Both accounts, operated by the same user, play in the same game with the “illegal” account losing intentionally to the “legal” account. It is ultimately the sites that are subject to pay all incurred losses to the bank.

But as an online player you want to be certain about the security of your credit and debit card details that you have deposited with your online casino. We are all guilty of not checking our statements closely enough especially when there might be hundreds of transactions every month. This is a perfect security failure for fraudsters to take advantage of, the information is there for you but you don't bother to look at it. It can be days, weeks, months or maybe never that you realise that anything is untoward.

Curious it is then that your mobile phone could be the answer. So often thought of as a risk to hackers, they are not only as secure as a computer connected to the internet, but you are looking at them multiple times per day. What if every transaction you ever made came through on your phone as text message with a PIN code that required imputing at the transaction source to complete it? Well now you have added yourself to the security check all the time.

This is one of the reasons that online casinos are adopting pay by phone bill especially when using a mobile phone casino. Of course it is more secure but it is also convenient, you don't need to be carrying any credit or debit cards with you. More than that you will have the ability to deposit and or play nearly everywhere now that 3G and 4G signals cover 99% of people in a continent like Europe.

So the upside of paying with your phone bill is that it is quick, convenient and secure. The only real downside is that you can't go ahead and withdraw to your phone bill, but this at least makes you think about the money you are gambling with, which is good.

You will need to check that your network provider offers this service but if you are with one of the big players, like Vodafone, then you already have this service at your disposal..


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