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Do you measure your performance? 

When you gamble in an online casino – do you do so for the fun of doing it or are you seriously in it to make a profit?

For most people – it’s a little of both. Most online gamblers don’t go through the virtual doors of casinos seriously expecting to make a steady profit from the games. Instead, they do so because they enjoy the games – but there is also the chance of winning a large amount of money at the same time. This latter point is, of course, crucial. It’s the same reason so many of us buy state-run lottery tickets each week; we don’t really expect to win but the knowledge that we could win big keeps us dreaming – and always coming back for more. After all, “it could be you”. In fact, all the thinking about what we would do if we did win a huge amount is part of the overall fun.
Blackjack by Ian Murphy
by  IanMurphy 
Casinos beat lotteries
In fact, with a casino, you have a far better statistical chance of making a profit than you do with lotteries. With the latter, the pay-out ratio is 50%, so for every £1 that is paid in 50p comes back in prize money shared by the lucky winners. From a statistical / probability type of viewpoint, then; buying lottery tickets makes no sense at all. But this isn’t why we do it. With casino games like roulette, the odds get pretty close to even money; it’s just the single zero (on European models) or single and double zero slots (on the roulette wheel’s American versions) that give the house the edge.

Also – many casinos have big bonus jackpots and special progressive jackpot pay-outs that keep our interest up as these pay-outs can truly run into life-changing amounts. If you check out reviews of over 300 online casinos, you’ll be able to find those with the best chances of big jackpot wins.

Casino profiteers
But there are people who play exclusively in online casinos with the aim of making a profit – and these fall into two camps, broadly speaking; poker tournament players and stoozers.

Poker tournament players are different from other forms of online casino gamblers as there’s a far higher degree of expertise and strategy involved than the games of pure chance like roulette – or those games where some judgement is required like blackjack. There are many people all around the world who have demonstrated their superior abilities at poker tournaments and make a handsome living in the process because of their skill.

The house edge comes from the entry fee or the “cut” but the best players can overcome this slight statistical disadvantage with relative ease because they’re simply better at the game than others.

Stoozers meanwhile, are those gamblers who play exclusively for bonus moneys and free spins etc., and who play as careful; a strategy as possible in the hope of coming out ahead.

Be honest with yourself
If your activities fall into either of these latter two camps and you think you’re doing well – always be honest with yourself and measure your performance accurately, accounting for all your costs. Remember that your own worst enemy may be yourself, here, as you’re the easiest person to fool.


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