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Online Casino Jackpots reach an
incredible combined $1 billion

With literally 1000s of online gambling sites well established across the world having matured for years, there is quite an astounding amount of money ready to be won in progressive jackpots. For those new to this world these jackpots take small of amounts of money from millions of players wagers to build and build a jackpot until someone triggers a magic combination. Whether its a perfect poker hand scenario, a five reel bonanza online slot result, a royal flush in Caribbean poker or a perfect play in one of the many online skill game jackpots, there are millions of dollars sitting waiting in jackpot pools ready to change someone's life.

Scanning the available online jackpots it does not take a mathematical genius to apply some simple arithmetic and sum up the amounts to see a staggering mesmeric figure approaching, yes that's right, one billion dollars in jackpot pools ready to be won now. But what to do with this information and how do you know where they are and if its a good place to play?

The answer to the question is complicated but it is made easier by simply heading to a site that tracks and monitors the state of play of hundreds of sites across the world, like a Casino Jackpots Tracker. There is more to the answer to “where to play” than just finding the largest jackpot or the longest time since a payout because there are complex payout policies and tricky marketing banners.

One of the main misconceptions is that a jackpot is overdue to payout. This is of course nonsense if the sites operator is using certified random number generators policed by official organisations like the UK Gambling Commission who inspect the technical standards of what they refer to as remote gambling. The sites monitored by Casino Jackpots Tracker are all using such devices as it is in their interest to get things right and fair for their customers. So every second of every day the jackpot is running there is just the same chance of winning the jackpot whether it be $10 or £1 million..

This of course does not mean that there is no advantage to playing a site with a huge jackpot. There is because each play earns a tiny shot at winning a huge pot and that small chunk of equity grows with the jackpot. This ultimately means the house edge against you is neutralized and then turned on its head so that your bets actually have a positive value. Of course you'll only realize this when you hit a prize but you were going to play anyway so why not have that in your pocket!?
A further complication to jackpot prizes is the payout policy which can either mean a limit to the payout in any given time period or even a drip feed of money over a long period of time. That's why analysis of the terms and conditions are vital and once again you get the help of the tracker which makes a point of publicising any hidden traps for the unsuspecting punter. Best of luck!


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