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Online blackjack in the Mediterranean 

Although blackjack may be more commonly associated with low-key card-playing clubs, the game looks to be having one of its more high-profile outings later this month with the arrival of the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament.

The competition which has its grand final on 14 November will see four highly-ranked players competing to win £5,000 out of a £10,000 guaranteed prize pool. This, on top of the all-expenses paid luxury trip, is just the pinnacle of what's been well over a month's worth of blackjack gaming activity at the LadyLucks site.

LadyLucks is a highly-popular online casino site that has devised an ingenious way for blackjack fans to enjoy the game of 21 away from the computer screens by hosting the highly-anticipated Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament.

The tournament gathers four winners of separate qualifying rounds on the LadyLucks online gaming site, and will see them going head-to-head at the casino in the luxurious Sunborn Yacht Hotel.

Already the competitors have racked up some impressive prize winnings, with the last of the qualifiers winning well over £2,000 on their way to the final. But as there is now the chance for anyone to join in the action for as little as £250, it looks like the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament could be one of the most exciting blackjack competitions for many years.

There's already been a variety of gaming styles on display in the competition, and whilst players can always try out some of the basic skills listed in the popular World's Greatest Blackjack Book, when it comes down to it, it's going to be how well the finalists hold their nerve that will determine their level of success.

The fact that the competitions' organisers are paying for all of the flights, transfers, food and drink will mean that the players should be able to focus on the task in hand. But already the competition is heating up, as with less than two weeks until the final, there's expected to be a great deal of coverage across the world's online gaming sites.

The competition perfectly signifies the way in which blackjack has gained a much greater exposure thanks to the online casino revolution. The online gaming industry is currently enjoying phenomenal growth thanks to the sheer popularity of the game, and the way in which customers can enjoy the range of the games thanks to the convenience of new gaming technologies. And although online blackjack is undeniably a big hit amongst the world's gamers, there can be few more exciting places to enjoy this fascinating game than at the Gibraltar Blackjack Tournament on 14 November.


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