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Mobile Casinos 

Virtual casino games started in land based casinos but their true growth and development came in the late 1990s and early 2000s with ease of access to the internet and faster connection speeds. Those games developed multiple play and payout features incorporating the infinite scope of virtual technology. Now, just a few years on, the world has come full circle with the individual touch coming back to the player in the form of casinos on your mobile device with an unbelievable choice of places you can play.

The early years of internet gambling were troubled by doubts about security but encryption technology is advanced enough now to ensure your financial information is secure, especially on the move with your mobile device. So the important question is how to find a real casino for mobile phones? The answer is use internet search on your mobile device, but choosing a company that you are familiar with is a way to go to ensure your casino app will be safe.

Mobile casinos are generally immnune to borders so a good review site, where ever it is based, is worth looking at. Let them do the hard work for you by testing many apps. So for instance you can find mobile casinos at SA Mobile Casino where they have played more than 100 mobile casinos to produce a great short list.

Now of course there are four major smart phone types out there with more on the way, and you do need a smart phone to play at a mobile casino. There are Apple iphone, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Realistically you need an iphone or an Android, Windows Apps are appearing now but its doubtful that Blackberry will have a big part to play in the future.

To see if your casino of choice supplies an App that works on your device simply check out the casino's website. It will have a page dedicated to their mobile App and information should be available on there of which devices it will function on. If your device is not listed then just try downloading the one available and see if it works.

Mobile Usage Increase
A recent study by Flurry Analytics concluded that mobile gaming – including mobile slots and other online casino games – is one of the fastest growing markets at the moment. The study took place between January and March 2014 and it showed that Americans spend approximately 2 hours and 42 minutes on their smartphones or tablets, every day. Only 31 minutes, which amount to only 14%, was used to browse the web.

It does appear that the trend of mobile device users focus mainly on applications. For casino and other gaming companies this is excellent news and more software companies are focusing on developing Android and iOS applications.

Casino operators need to Position themselves.
With these stats in mind, it important that casino software providers and casino companies shift their focus to mobile gambling. What this means is, mobile casino games and mobile sites need to be fully optimised for mobile users.

Another important consideration for Casino operators is that gamblers may not be looking for their favourite table or slots on Google search anymore. They may be searching the Google Play Store for their apps instead.

There is no doubt, that the vast majority of wagering and betting will be taking place on mobile. The question is, is your company prepared for it?

Virtual Slots
The fastest growing sector within mobile casinos is the slot sector, or pokies to many. Literally hundreds of games are available now, most with themes of films or legends and hundreds more will come online in the near future. And they have all developed from the humble slot machine with its clunky one-armed bandit mechanical technology that has been shot into space by the speed of the modern internet.

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