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LCB Network acquires The Wizard Od Odds for $2.35 

The number one website in the world for gambling games odds, strategies and advantage plays, The Wizard Of, has been acquired by the LCB Network for $2.35 million. Its the largest purchase to date of its kind and endorses the fantastic work by site creator Michael Shackleford.

Starting out in the late 1990s Shackleford began with a not-for-profit page he called Mike's Gambling Page where he analysed half a dozen games and posted the results about percentage odds on them, casino house edge calculations, and optimal playing strategies. There was no advertising at all but when people began to visit the site and increase its traffic he just kept making additions and improvements. Eventually this led to work doing analysis of new games and a regular column in Casino Player magazine.

So popular was the site that in 2000 it started accepting advertising and got a smooth makeover with a great new name, The Wizard Of Odds. Now, seventeen years on from its conception, the site boasts 1700+ pages and is accepted as the best of its kind on the internet. With so many myths about gambling and worthless betting systems its the place to go to for smart players hungry for the true odds and best strategies without having to do the mathematics themselves.

A maths graduate himself, Michael Shackleford passed actuary exams and became an actuary associate in 1995. But in 2000 he quite his job to devote himself full time to this website and to gaming consulting. He made it his goal to become the most known and trusted name in gambling advice for the whole gamut of casino games. He is now a highly respected master of game odds computation.

Acquiring The Wizard Of Odds, LCB Network have retained the creator as a full time writer and advisor working closely with the new owners, helping keep the integrity of the valuable information that many a professional gambler turns to as their bible.

This is of course not the first acquisition by LCB who started out as a single site themselves, Since its start in 2006 it has gathered other top performing professional sites to umbrella into a network and now has over 67,000 members that enjoy exclusive no deposit bonuses, its detailed casino, slot machine and software reviews, gambling news, editorials, community forum, free games and a massive library of information covering every part of the gambling industry.

Michael Shackleford will remain with The Wizard Of Odds but will contribute to LCB's network of other sites as well. $2.35 million says he is a valuable asset.


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