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How to Beat Roulette with a Roulette Computer 
Of the many ways to beat roulette, the most attractive in terms of quick returns is the roulette computer. For a long time these were a myth after the famous early 1960s Edward O. Thorpe book, Beat The Dealer, mentioned the idea in a short chapter at the end of the book. It wasn't until a later book published in 1985 called The Eudaemonic Pie (The Newtonian Casino in the UK), written by Thomas A. Bass, that a fully detailed true story explained how a team of physic graduate students built a real roulette computer. The book explained how it was built into a shoe and how the team got on when real life plays were made with some success.

In The Eudaemonic Pie great length was taken to explain how difficult it was to work out all the equations of circular motion of a roulette ball. That would put many a professional gambler off because of the degree level knowledge they would need to immitate Bass's feat. However, not long after the book was published some more practically minded gamblers realised that their approach was way to complicated when in the real world situations, simple mechanics could be used to predict winning areas in a roulette wheel.

Of course this method of beating roulette doesn't apply to an online RNG roulette game like you find listed at but some offer live roulette with real dealers and roulette wheels. These are an option. Bitcoin casinos will become more popular as the cost of bitcoin transactions are extremely low when compared to all other means.


The simple approach to creating a roulette computer was to base the operation on the simple mechanics of wheels. The fact is that all roulette wheels come with imperfections, many of little significance until you apply some lateral thinking to them. One of the less obvious flaws was that the ball race, the track the ball goes around, was rarely level in terms of horizontal plane. There are many reasons for this but it leads to there being a dominant diamond that the ball will hit with high frequency, meaning the ball leaves the ball race at the same point often more than 50% of the time. This isn't useful until you can predict where the wheel will be at that moment, but that is a simple operation..

So the simpler roulette computer predictors simply mapped the ball speed as it passes the dominant diamond and gains a ball rotation decay map. Once it knows this and the user inputs live information into it then it can predict when the ball will fall into the wheel. And since it has been given the wheel speed decay information as well it can predict the area that the ball will fall into.

This of course isn't everything. There is ball scatter to contend with but the user can quickly identify the types of wheel which are best suited to low scatter..

All of that is relatively easy. The real difficulty in using a roulette computer with a live wheel is the ability of the operator in terms of feeding in accurate information, placing the correct bets at speed and camourflage. Without all of these you are wasting your time and money.

How It Works

Clicker - Sown into your pocket is a hand clicker that allows you to click each time the ball passes a reference point and switch to clicking for the wheel passing the same point, ususally using Zero as your point on the carousel.

Computer - placed under your clothing or strapped to your body, possibly in your shoe.

Earpiece - Although transducer pads can be worn that vibrate to indicate a number or section, the best operation is with a tiny skin coloured earpiece that has recordings of all the numbers and reads the prediction out to you.

Wheel knowledge - Once you have the number prediction you need to bet the neighbours of the number very quickly. So you need to know the neighbours of every number on the wheel.

Cool - Be able to do all this whilst not alerting attention to yourself.

Get Paid - Never own up to having the device. You will not get paid. Don't allow yourself to be searched.


This is not easy. You are likely not to be able to build one yourself but you can buy one. We suggest not doing that on a whim. Have a demonstration of the device before buying and have targets already identified.

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