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Here are The Best Casino Bonuses explained 

If you've checked out some of the most popular online casino sites, you've undoubtedly come across the so-called Bonus Offers, or bonuses for short. Essentially, think of them as free money that you can receive from the casino that you can use to test out certain games. If you win, great – you get to keep some or even all of your winnings, and if you lose, ah well, no harm done! You can see why bonuses can be so enticing, especially for newer players who don't really want or are unable to invest too much in a potential hobby. Here you can find more information on the different types of Casino Bonuses. Still, the sheer number of bonuses, as well as the sites offering them, can be a little intimidating. Don't worry, we're here to help!

No-depoist bonus
A no-deposit bonus is basically free money that you can use to test out the casino's games. It's usually not a huge amount, just enough to get you started out and entice you to make your first deposit. Sometimes the amount that you can win by wagering the bonus is limited, and most of the time you only have a limited amount of time to play with it before it disappears from your account. And, just like with most bonuses, you need to wager it a set amount of times before you can withdraw your winnings. Really, don't expect to become rich from a non-deposit bonus – while the chance is always there, especially if you hit the jackpot, the bonus' main use is to give you a feel for the casino and allow you to try out some of its games for free.

Deposit Bonus
A deposit bonus is a certain amount added to a deposit you've made, usually, but not necessarily, your first one (which is called the Welcome bonus). More often than not, a casino will match the amount you've invested, or sometimes even double it! Of course, there are certain limits in place, you can't just deposit £1 million and expect the casino to give you another million to play with, but usually you can get between £200 and £500 for free in addition to the amount you've invested. Generally, deposit bonuses don't have the same limitations that no-deposit ones have, meaning that you can pretty much treat them as real money that you can use on any games you like. You're probably still going to have to wager it a set number of times before you're able to withdraw it, though.

Referral Bonus
Online casino games, much like pretty much anything in life, is best enjoyed with friends. The casinos themselves recognize that too, so a lot of them offer special bonuses to people who bring their friends along for the ride! Those bonuses are often monetary and are redeemed whenever your friend makes their first deposit, thus getting their own Welcome bonus. Sometimes, but not always, both you and your friend will receive the referral bonus.

Free spins
Not every bonus is monetary. Some, like the so-called free spins, offer free plays on certain games whenever certain conditions are met. Those conditions can be depositing on certain dates or taking part in some kind of promotion. Usually you can keep the winnings from the spins, so how much your bonus ends up being depends solely on your luck – it might be nothing, or it might be millions. May the odds be ever in your favour!

Comp Points
This one is a bit more complicated to explain, but it's really one of the more interesting bonuses that online casinos have to offer. The basic principle is that, by depositing money and making winnings, you also accumulate the so-called comp points, which you can redeem for real money that you usually don't need to wager in order to withdraw. Problem is, the sums you get don't tend to be very large, but hey, it's free money you get for doing stuff you would've done anyway!

Raffles should require little explanation, as they're a pretty popular concept in and out of online casinos. Basically, you need to fulfill some sort of requirement – ordinarily, that would be to buy a ticket, but in the world of Internet gambling it could be something like wagering a certain amount, or playing a particular game. After some time passes, a random name is chosen from all the eligible players, and that person wins some sort of prize, most often a physical one that you usually can't win from the casino.

Ah, what's an online casino without its very own VIP club? The requirements for entering it, as well as the rewards it carries, vary from place to place, but the principle is the same. If you're really dedicated to a single casino, you get special privileges there, like exclusive VIP tables (often with higher limits than the regular ones), special rewards and, overall, special treatment from the casino's staff. Being a VIP isn't for everyone, but it's certainly a very nice bonus for those who can afford it!

Custom Offers
Probably the most interesting offer that you can receive as a player is the so-called custom offer. It's interesting because those offers are tailored specifically towards the individual person and are not universal. The way it works is that, while browsing the casino and playing the games, you might receive a notification that a customer service representative wants to speak with you. If you agree, the representative will explain that he or she wants to reward you for your loyalty, or to encourage you to try more games, and thus are offering you an offer that has been specifically created for you. The offer can include free bonus, additional percentage towards your welcome bonus, free spins, etc. You never know exactly what you're getting until you're contacted. It's kind of like Christmas, really!


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