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Casino strategies that work 

If anyone ever tries to tell you about a casino strategy that works and that strategy is based on games of pure chance – please ignore them. Any such strategy is fundamentally flawed, yet it’s surprising how many of them still do the rounds, particularly in the Internet age.

The most common strategy postulated is the martingale one. This basically involves doubling up after each losing bet to the point where you have doubled your original stake. The theory has it that you are “bound” to double your dosh using this strategy if you play on long enough. Sadly – this is nonsense. This is mainly because none of us has infinite wealth so if you face a particularly bad run, you’d simply end up bankrupt. But when it comes to games of pure chance in a casino, it’s fundamentally flawed due to the house edge.

Even in games like roulette where the chances of winning do come close to even money – there is always the house edge courtesy of the zero slot and double zero slot in US roulette table versions. This small difference is sufficient over time to put the odds marginally in the house’s favour and this is all that is necessary for the house to win out over sufficient time with a big enough number of players. And rather like water dripping on a rock face, the house edge - however small – will make a big hole in your finances over time if you only play games of chance like roulette. There is no strategy that works as long as the roulette table is true. Of course, with online casino versions of roulette, there is no chance of the table not being true because it only exists in virtual reality.

But there was one famous case from history where Yorkshireman Joseph Jagger doubted the random nature of roulette wheels and profited from it. In 1873, Joseph paid people to covertly watch the spins in a casino in Monte Carlo. He found out eventually that one wheel favoured certain numbers. He placed his best accordingly and won a fortune. It is said that the song "The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo" was written about him. Now that really is a system!

Otherwise, no system exists when playing long enough at games of random chance. But there are a couple of exceptions to this rule…

Firstly, there’s the “stoozing” of bonuses method. The world of online gambling of all kinds and particularly online casinos and bingo etc., is highly competitive. The reason is because it’s potentially extremely lucrative and is, ultimately, a simple numbers game as we’ve explained here. Ergo, lots of people on the house side of the fence want your business. This is because they know that you’re likely to lose eventually because of the house edge. And this is fine; the games are great fun to play, after all, and many people do win very large and life-changing amounts.

The fundamental principle is essentially the same as any state lottery. With state lotteries, usually somewhere around 50 per cent of money staked comes back in prize money. So for every pound you gamble, you get 50p back in prizes. So as a hypothesis, if the total amount of tickets was 60 million and they’re £2 each and someone said you could buy the lot – you’d get £60 million back – which wouldn’t be the best deal you’ve ever made!

In other words, lotteries make no statistical sense for punters but we all keep coming back on a “what if?” type of basis. We all like to dream and the same is true of having a punt on an individual number on a roulette wheel for example, except here, the odds are far and away more favourable than they are on the National Lottery.

So with the competitive nature of the industry come lots of bonus offers which are well worth taking up if you have the perseverance. Otherwise, you have to specialise in games of strategy such as poker tournaments, to stand a chance of winning. Here, if you’re good enough, you may win out. But as for games of chance – sorry, there simply are no winning systems..


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