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Make Casinos in France a Destination for Your Holiday
It surprises most people to know that there are more casinos in France than any other European country and more than any other country in the world other than the USA. At around 200 casinos there are 60 more than in the United Kingdom and they are dominated by four groups, Barriere (24), Partouche (40), JOA (33) and Tranchant (19). The Association of French Independent Casinos has 52 casinos and many of the rest are in smaller regional groups.

French casinos are often associated with a hotel, especially in resort towns and many of the larger ones have excellent restaurants and theatres so they really are a destination venue where you can spend a few days and mix in local attractions with the casino complex as a base. This is basically is all down to the law which in general prohibits casinos but they are allowed in sea, thermal, tourist and climatic resorts, as well as in cities classified as tourist resorts (except Paris) and on cruise ships flying the French flag. However the law in France has begun to free up the restrictions and now there casinos in Paris, although they are small. The government is indicating that towns and cities that fit into the defined catagories can now apply for casino licenses.

The situation in Paris is a little merky because the Minister of Home Affairs can authorise gaming clubs to offer standard casino style casino games and thus turn into casinos, which has happened. Its part of an experiment that started in 2017 which allowed casinos in Paris for the first time under strict conditions. For instance the infamous Aviation Club de France situated on the Champs-Élysées, which was raided by and shut down by the police, is now a Barriere casino.

Entering a french casino for anyone involves showing ID which means if you are from outside of France then you need to be carrying your passport. Valid documents are passport, identity card or driving license. Very often there is also a fee which will be in the order of 10 or 15 euros. Neat dress is required which means even if it is 35 degress celcius you will not be allowed in wearing shorts or caps or sandals. If in doubt put your best on and if you find the level of dress is a bit lower than yours you can always adjust your outfit for the next visit.


So obviously the most famous destination for your holiday to combine with casinos is Paris and there are now plenty to choose from. Apart from the Barriere already mentioned all the big groups have Paris casinos now along with smaller privately owned casinos. Prior to the relaxation of gambling in the French capital the casino at Enghien-les-Bains just outside of Paris which is the biggest in the country and attracted a large number of people from the city. Its a lakeside venue wth restaurants, bars, hotel and theatre, so actually a useful place to base yourself for a tour of the countryside and trips into Paris or Versailles. There is no casino in Versailles so if you are looking for best casino sites and you see the Versailles casino, beware that it is a french language online casino.

North and West Coast

A trip that takes a few hours by ferry from England will get you to the french Channel and Atlanctic coastlines where there are a large number of seaside towns and cities with casinos, from the small local type to the big corporate ones. Le Touquet is an hour from Calais (which has its own) and the famous Deauville Casino (with grand hotel and theatre), popular with Parisians and the focal point of the great film noir Bob le flambeur, is close to Le Harve (which has its own). The ferry to from the UK to Jersey continues on to St. Malo where there is a small venue along with close neighbour Dinard. Further afield are the towns and cities on the Bay of Biscay with many a casino like Biarritz and Bordeaux.

The southern part of France has many a town and city with a casino although the larger population areas are the places to find large casinos with bars, restaurants and theatres, as in Toulouse, although this is not in an old tradiotnal part of town, its a new concrete building.

South Coast

Of course if you are looking for top jeux de casino and a beautiful location for your holiday then you can do no better than to head down to the south coast on the Mediterranean Sea and virtually every town and city, from Montpellier eastwards to the Italian border where you will find Menton, has a casino or two. The Côte d'Azur has a lot to offer in coutryside and water based activity and it encloses Monte Carlo, where there are four casinos to enjoy, as well as quick access to the French Alps and the crossing into Italy.

Monte Carlo is a destination unto itself, though not in France there is no actual border. You can actually stay there and very nearby (meaning a few metres away in french villages) at low cost and eat great italian food for less than you could back at home. Not much else to do in Monaco, the capital, but you are central to endless possibilities in trips if you are going in a group or family.


Head down to the south coast in early or late season for best value or to Monte Carlo in August as the locals leave town due to the intense heat and humidity. If you can stand that then it is still cheap in the middle of summer.

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