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What Makes a Good Slot Site? 
The team over at certainly know their stuff when it comes to slot machine sites, so they have put together a little guide to helping you to choose that perfect new slot site to gamble on. Read on to find out more!
Why gamble at new slot sites?
Why not?
The gambling industry is not an industry that you can jump into willy nilly. You need to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or it is pretty much a no-go. To be licensed by the UK Gambling commission, you need to fulfill some strict requirements. We know that in some industries, new sites can't be trusted. They are somewhat of an unknown entity. In the gambling world, if a new site springs up, then they have had to jump through hoops to offer their services to UK customers. They are not going to mess up at any stage. Trust us. You can feel just as confident gambling on a new site as one of the more established entities.

From our experience, new slot sites like to do things a little bit better too. This is because they need to stand out from the crowd, get that reputation flowing in etc. We will talk more about that in a short while, though!

Game Selection

We do not know if you have gambled on some of the more established sites out there, but if you have, you will likely quickly notice that many of them have a severely limited game selection. This is because they have been built upon the back of limited software i.e. software from a specific game vendor. The site has now been tied into that, which means they can only offer games from that specific game vendor. Not great when it comes to selection.

New slot sites seem to have worked out that this is a stupid idea. You want to have as many people gambling on your site as possible. You do not want them to disappear just because they can't find a slot they want to play. If you have everything under a single roof, you make more money. Simple as that.

When the team at New Slot Site tend to review sites, game selection is necessary. There more there are, the better. If there are games beyond slots, then that is even better too!

We doubt there are many people who are willing to play at an online casino if it does not offer bonuses. If there are, those people must be crazy! Casinos now will throw tons of cash at you in a bid to attract you to play on their website.

When we look at new sites, we look at how much they want you to play. The more bonuses, the better (yes, the more the better is a common theme for us). We are not just talking about welcome bonuses here, although those are great. We are also talking about the wealth of other bonuses the casino will give you for sticking around and playing on their site i.e. loyalty bonuses.

Site Functionality
In this day and age, there is no excuse for an online casino to be poor in terms of functionality. You need the ability to browse through the myriad of games and find what you want in no more than a couple of clicks. You also need the ability to play on mobile devices (this is how most people play online slots nowadays)

To us, the most important part is that they make it easy to play. We want deposits into your account to be near instantaneous. We want withdrawals to be smooth and quick. We want customer support to be there when you need them the most. It all helps.

New sites tend to do everything a little bit better here because, once again, they love to focus on the reputation that they have. This is what brings new people into the fold and having a bit of a flutter on the website.

Remember; new sites can afford to take risks with the gambling software they have in place. To them, there is no need to please established players that have been kicking around for years. As a result, you will often find that the software they use is 'better'.

Check out some reviews for some top online casinos over at

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