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Video slots in different countries and their specialities 
You probably know that the sets of slots in different countries differ. There are old classic slots almost anywhere which were invented in the USA as well as Australian video slots. The types of slots in different countries depend on the mentality and legal niceties. The specifics of slot machines of all the countries might be a bit too much so lets look at the most exotic representatives which aren’t that common.

Let’s start with Japan and their “pachinko” as an example. The game originated in Japan in the first part of the twentieth century and is more reminiscent of pinball with gambling elements. Iron balls are loaded into the gaming machine and players run them on the playing field on a rota basis. Then the balls hit different obstacles and get into the one of the prize holes on the field or drop to the bottom of the slot. The name of this game is similar to the sound the ball makes while hitting an obstacle – Pach. As cash prizes aren’t acceptable according to Japanese law (common slots aren’t allowed there for that same reason), the reward in this game is paid with these balls. Then the lucky winner takes their ‘winnings’ to the slot shop and exchanges the balls for prizes – such as toys, sweets etc. They can then visit the nearest prize exchange where these prizes can be exchanged for money and the prizes are returned to the same game room.

With modern pachinko machines it is possible to adjust the force with which the ball will be thrown, and in this case, players will show their skill and specialists are able to win more balls. Modern pachinko machines of this kind also have an electronic screen in the centre with three digits, which spin like a slot machine when a ball enters the middle gate. If all the three numbers are similar, the games starts the prize mode and that increases chances to win by adding an additional hole on the field. This is like a bonus game at video slots with free spin rounds (more info about free spins is available here -

In general, the owners of the gambling facilities set the return percentage themselves and it’s about 80 percent. However, some slots are set to give away to attract people. In the Country of the Rising Sun this type of game is rather popular and more than 30 million people play it with overall turnover of several hundred billion dollars.


Pachinko style slots are rare in European countries. The game most know as the “Grabber” – where one has to pull the toy off the machine with the help of the crane has got the prize element but not much else. There is also the analogue of the slot which is quite similar to the idea of pachinko - “Coin pusher”. You drop coins onto a static tray under the moving part, the back wall which pushes your coin into those already lying there. If you’re lucky, the coin is able to push one or more coins which fall to the payout coffer for you to take away or re-use. There are movement sensors to prevent cheaters just like in pinball machines. Currently there are no online versions of these machines. There are digital versions of Pachinko in Japan and a few online providers but there are no products from the famous providers. You can’t disagree the virtual grabber would be a fine idea and there is a probability it will be there in the future.


British style fruit machines are available nearly everywhere in the UK. They are traditionally presented as common slots and usually one-lined. They are called fruit machines because the originals had images of fruits, cherries, plums and oranges mostly. Modern slots have many additional functions which give extra in-game play with chances for free spins and multipliers to try and hit the jackpot.

AWP – Amusement With Prizes – is the upgrade of fruit machine slot. When certain requirements are met, the prize game appears (secondary images in certain combinations). You will be able to play several Hi-Low games in the prize game, for instance you will need to guess the numbers from 1 to 12. Each number you guess increases your winnings if you guess correctly, for 30 or more times, there is a chance to get to the top of the pyramid and the prize fund can reach the maximum allowed for the type of machine. This type of game is common not just for the UK but also in Microgaming products available worldwide on the internet.

There is also an opportunity for the player to hold a certain number of reels – with the help of the Hold function. For instance, if there are cherry and other fruits, holding the cherry reel you will have the other reels spinning as cherries are either the highest payout lines. You win should another cherry appear.

“Nudge” is another feature in UK fruit machines You may have couple of cherries and an apple and you see there is another cherry in front of an apple so by if you have the opportunity to nudge the apple reel you get three cherries and a win line. The return percentage online is generally better than real world slots.

There are many nationally orientated slots worldwide. Not all the slots are available in online casinos, but you will be able to find some new stuff. So if you’re in the search for something new – that’s great!

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